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3000 cow hides a year for official NFL game balls. lol

Karen Friesecke

PETA are such dinks and they don't care about animals, either. If they did, they wouldn't be spending millions on advertising using tasteless ads that certainly make me NOT want to donate to their cause.


Seriously? Someone at PETA didn't catch that the football is made of leather?! Now that's just really poor planning.


what a bunch of fecking idjets.


Well, technically, if we eat the cow, why not use the hide?


Technically, PETA is against eating cows.

Lori @ According to Gus

Good catch! There is definitely some hypocrisy in that advertisement. And Ochocinco will do anything for press. Obviously, he changed his name to Ochocinco.

the 4Bs

i'm almost speechless, and i didn't know that the pigskin was made our of cowhide either. i strongly assume that PETA knows very well what that football is made out of. they aren't stupid. hypocritcal maybe, but not stupid.

i do see that 85 has quite a few tattoos.

Life With Dogs

I was laughing at that on Facebook today. It looks like this one is going to sting PETA pretty hard!


A number of vegans will claim cow hide is ok because its considered a by-product of murder for meat. A point of view that makes bad horror movies just a little more squicky than they need to be.


Wow! Now that's pretty dumb of them ... how did they not think of that?


I LOVE this! lol


I'm sure that's a tofutball.


This is idiotic on so many levels... first, PETA is full of morons, hypocrits, and moronic hypocrits.

Second, Ochocinco is a attention hungry fool. Ochocinco translates as "eightfive", not eighty-five which would be "ochenta y cinco".

What happens if he gets traded to another team? Change his name again... "Cuatro siete" has a nice ring ;-)

Stumpy and cyndi

PETA...ugh..such hypocracy! then add HSUS into the mix and it gets really bad! If people would only open their eyes and/or ears!

I would have kept Alf, if I could have. However, his new home suits him and his needs perfectly. Not a day goes by that he is not missed. Stumpy and I see feral, stray and dumped dogs every day. We leave water and food out on the deck in the hopes of bringing another one in, or at least they will learn where to get food and water in this harsh and inhospitable environment.


No comment on PETA. Jan has been trying to teach us if we can't say something nice ....


I do agree Peta didn't think the ad through nearly to the level they needed to but I for one try not to criticise any organization that is trying to help animals in need even if they fall short or are misguided. My thoughts are at least they are trying to do the right thing and we need all the help we can get today with the cruelty going on with animals on our planet at the hands of humans. In regards to this football picture ....good grief I feel he might be without male body parts as that football is very very low and I'm not seeing any signs of manhood showing !!!


The problem that a lot of us have with PETA is that, as an organization, they don't believe that dogs should be pets, service dogs, guide dogs etc. They collect a lot of money from people who think they are supporting an organization that helps dogs and cats, but in reality by their own records they kill 97% of the cats and dogs that are turned over to them instead of trying to find homes for them. I would rather see people support no kill shelters than support an organization like PETA.


Seriously? Are you that naive? Hey here's an idea. Why don't you just throw a hula skirt on him or make him wear an animal hyde? Peta has some nerve calling them selves an organization when they kill animals they take in just because they can't find homes for them. That's just like asking saying that they'll kill a 5 year old because they've been in the shelter for a month. Peta NEEDS to be shut down. They all should rot in prison because of their crimes.

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