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I have to wonder who used the hotel room.


I'm sure it made perfect sense to them..stupids..


Moses wasn't too pleased with the honeymoon idea? Without him? What were they thinking!

Hehehe ...


That's just silly ...


Mexico isn't a country, it's a cess pool. I'm sorry those people lost their hotel room money, but they should count their lucky stars they don't have to dodge bullets from drug cartels and have to deal with corrupt police and government officials. Needless to say, our Mexico foreign policy needs work. The way it is now, it's not just an uneven playing field, it's more like two different planets.


It's a crazy world... but I bet their pup was thrilled to see them back. :-)


Love this new feature! love this page.


That's a new spin on the dog ate my homework. We have the same thing here with illegal refugees from some Asian countries. I always wonder how tough their governments would be if an Australian was caught in their country as an illegal immigrant

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