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Peggy Frezon @Peggy's Pet Place

That is so sad. It seems Conron bred the Labradoodle for good intent. What a shame some breeders have taken advantage.

Sherry in MT

HERE HERE. Nice to see someone that actually stands up and admits when they did something that didn't turn out the way they planned. Bravo Wally!


Unfortunately, good intentions often go this way. I think it is admirable that Conron realizes that he started a crazy thing. I personally think that labradoodles are adorable, but I probably wouldn't ever choose one. I want a "heinz 57" dog, from a shelter, if we ever do get a dog. (Though I am quite fond of standard poodles!) :)


I didn't know that not all labradoodles are alergy proof. How interesting.

Anne Gibert

I got my toy poodle,Daisy, from a breeder who bred lots designer pups. The designer dogs were more expensive than the pure bred poodles. People want these mixes. Personally, I have known and owned some lovely mutts; but I wouldn't think I needed to pay for one.


I'm a labradoodle (Australian labradoodle, i.e. a dog from fixed lines ). OK, I was not cheap and my family is not rich, but Mom says I was the best purchase she ever made. Australian labradoodles don't shed at all which is important to Mom. She's OK with paying for grooming. I also trained myself to heel beautifully off leash - I never run away. Mom's coworker also has an Australian Labradoodle and he is the same way. Plain labradoodles are just hybrids without any guarantee of characteristics. Mom tells me many are more hyper than the lab or STD poodle. (Without Wally there would have been no Milo *sigh*)


This may be a politically incorrect comment for this blog, but I feel that dog and cat breeding are generally unnecessary, except for working dogs such as police and service dogs. There are so many homeless animals now; why not give one a home and get it fixed?


I don't know much about these things but I can't help wondering how many other breeds of dogs would be okay for people with allergies if only they were tested.


I don't know much about these things but I can't help wondering how many other breeds of dogs would be okay for people with allergies if only they were tested.


I think Conron is being too hard on himself. That unscrupulous people took his good work and bastardized it is not his fault.


I have seen lots of them around Tasmania. They are so gorgeous & one of the nicest looking Poody offshoots I have ever seen. I wouldn't like the job of grooming a very furry dog that big though as just looking after Dixie's coat is enough work

Doggy Dish

That Labradoodle does look like a Frankenstein!Thank you for sharing these wonderful posts! I believe that a dog's behavior is reflective of it's owner & your POODLES are as happy as can be! Reading this blog can brighten up anyones day!

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