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And here I thought Dennis lived in Sandy Eggo!


Dr. Liz

I think Tucker took a side job! I'm with Khyra, though - how does he travel back and forth so quickly each day? "Voracious hunger" HAHAHAHA!

-Dr. Liz

Stumpy and cyndi

Stumpy once interviewed for a job as a goose chaser. Unfortunately, she was more interested in the poop.


I love the one with his tongue hanging out..


One more reason to adore dogs and their incredible intelligents. I live on a golf course maybe I can train my dogs to chase off drunk golfers !!!


I must admit that when I read the headline of your post the first thing that occurred to me was that Cooper was... er, um, inappropriately eating the geese poop. Sorry for being so crass, but it is a problem at our house with our cats... how different could geese poop be, I wondered.
Is it as rich and creamy as cat poop?


Brillant dog! Geese poop so much and make such a mess - we love the idea of Cooper keeping the golf course clear of them!

Karen Friesecke

I need to invite Cooper over to my local park. There are tons of messy geese there with tons of "leavings" Summertime makes for interesting walkies :(

Dirty Butter

There are people who "rent out" their dogs to do this for a living!


I was just reading about someone who trains dogs to keep grounds clear of Canadian geese. I wanted to rent a set of dogs for my daughter's high school. There are so many geese (and seagulls) in the fields, you feel like you're driving by a Hitchcock movie set. Kids are constantly getting pooped on by flying birds.

In another culture, the kids would regularly be eating delicious goose lunches in their school cafeteria, but alas.


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Wireless Dog Fence

My sister used to have a dog that attacked the situation of geese and geese poop in the backyard pond in a different way.

...Instead of chasing the geese, he simply ate their poop! (sorry if you're reading this at dinner time)

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