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Almost evFURRYthing was blokhked there this weekend!

My Unkhle Steve khouldn't even get into things using his super sekhret special vpn khonnekhtion -

I did dazzle him with pikhs of my pals from my Trek to The Tundra!

PeeEssWoo: Maybe we should send them khats?

Dixie the Poodle

Duz that meen that Chineez peepul karnt see how kyoot poodles ar??? That shor is a kleva doggy eeven for a non-poodle


ah screw the chinese.

Doggy Dish

That is such a cute href="http://www.k9stud.com">PINSCHER!!!!!
She almost looks human in that picture!


Sounds like a very good idea.

Couldn't believe yesterday that our friends house (which has just been renovated) had new window sills (from China). Imported granite sills all that way and we have lovely Irish granite here that they could have used! We're always trying to promote 'shop local' and 'buy Irish' here!


She looks just like a runway model...right down to the sulky look, haha!

I buy Canadian when I can. People love a deal, though, even when they know the object will break in less than a week!!


Its hard to find products that don't come from China, so I admire the effort. I've been focusing on buying what I can locally, which sometimes isn't much, but I hope it helps.


Oh my! (that's honestly about as much as I can say in response to that photo ... )


The ChiComs are no friends of mine either, but that dog is very talented. Too bad Zhou Guanshun will never read about herself in your blog.

Dog cages

I personally prefer bigger dogs because smaller dogs tend to be more yapppy and annoying. bigger dogs are sweet and affectionate and really dont bark as much.


Purse dogs never go out of style....Some great accessories for your pooch! http://xaxii.com/article?art=girls-best-friend-pets-as-fashion-accessories

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