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Dennis the Vizsla

Hmm, that 90-year-old woman might have been on to something ...


don't vote..don't bitch.


Sadly, the short attention span theatre mentality is dooming us all...

I'm also getting the khat khraps of hearing all the negative of why we need to vote out 'x' person yet I see very little tangible 'it can be fixed by doing this or that'

I'll stop...I'd like to sleep tonight ;-)


Haha, what a great quote that is!

I'm ever mistrustful of politicians ... and perhaps becoming even more so as they years go by.

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Oh, I can see wanting to hunker down and focus on tending your garden. But I guess it depends on how you define the boundaries of your garden. I'll agree with Khyra, though, that negativity doesn't do much good for anybody. One of my favorite quotes about politics: "Opposition is easy; governance is hard."
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the 4Bs

with the extremely negative campaing advertising that goes on, i would like to boycott the entire process.

T. T. Douglas

Of course it is your right not to vote, but I agree with Jackie. Don't vote, don't bitch. My parents fled from a regime where you had no vote, no voice, no nothing so it really is nice to be able to say I'm not going to vote because I choose not to. Me, I'll be heading to the polls tomorrow and taking my two boys (ages 6 and 4) so they see what the experience is like.


I used to only vote in presidential elections. I never knew enough in the off years to feel like I was choosing smartly. Now, I probably follow politics too closely, but I do vote. Every time there is an election. I like our process in Oregon - there are only mail-in ballots. No need to get out to the polls - just remember to drop your ballot off before the deadline! :)

We don't have TV, so I have been spared (thankfully) all of the negative ads I've heard so much about this year!


If you have the right not to vote, I say exercise it if you are truly agains their policies. Not voting shows your preference just as much as voting.

Nice quote btw ;)


Women fought for the right to vote ... and it was a literal fight ... so I've always felt I had an obligation to uphold. But I could always see your point too. In the words of The Onion:

Americans Bravely Go To Polls Despite Threat Of Electing Congress http://j.mp/bQpqMr

Marie G

Only vote if you know the candidates and the issues.


this is why I love early voting- I can get to the poll almost anytime within the two weeks beforehand. There is always one issue or candidate I have an opinion about, although I am quite sure every time I have voted, there is at least one I left blank. I feel like voting on something I don't care/understand undermines the vote of the person who does care.

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Not to vote is a right indeed and it also expresses something: that you are out of options.

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I think we are all dissilusioned by today's politics and so many of us now do not vote.

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Have to agree with the guy above

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Most people are totally disappointed with politicians and they know there aren't too many differences between them. That's why many of them decide not to vote.

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who to vote for? They are all just as bad as each other!


Who should I vote for here in France? For Sarkozy? Never!

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Voting is a right. Not voting is an option.

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Voting is a social responsibility too!

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