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Fuzzy Logic

I can't believe people are STILL falling for this.


Yes, and they're still trying to get puppies from that missionary in Nigeria and collecting money (for a fee) from a long dead relative they've never heard of. There is one born every minute, as they say.


stupid hurts.


You have to worry about some people.

Your parting advice should ALWAYS be remembered ... I can't believe people ever forget it!


Life is hard. It's even harder if you're stupid.


Good idea to post this info. It's so easy to get "sucked in" to these scams - even for internet savvy folks.

We almost got pulled into a bad deal through Craigslist. It was a rental house and we REALLY wanted to rent it (perfect location for us)... We were all set to fill out the app and move forward... but the application required not only bank account info, but bank account NUMBERS, credit card account numbers, etc... I thought this was suspicious, knowing that they could run a credit check without that info. I called both my bank and my credit card company and talked with fraud people. All of them said not to give out that info.

I talked to the landlord and he wouldn't bend AT ALL, so we gave up on the house ... good thing since it was very likely a scam. The same house is still up for rent (a few months later).


A good reminder. Obviously it must work often enough or they would quit doing it.

Dennis the Vizsla

A deal that looks too good to be true? We call that something Dennis will sign up for immediately.

dog training

All the buyers must be very careful , when they are buying something from the internet. The most secure thing, is to find and search some background, feedbacks.


It's amazing how many scams are out there. I don't think people who fall for these scams are really stupid rather I think some people are too trusting & don't stop to think things through enough before acting.


we are still out to get you all,including you,yes you.nigerians will continue to collect money from your people till jesus comes.belive me,no matter what you paste on this we are so many that we will surely get hold of you one by one


Do those men in white coats know you're using the computer?

How to reduce hair fall

yeah i hate scammers they always ruin everything..

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