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Life With Dogs

Now if they could start training shelter dogs...instant fix for the supply/demand woes!

Of course, then prices would drop...

Karen Friesecke

That is the philosophy behind creating the German Shepherd breed and shuzhund training. Create and train a dog that could be trusted with the family but have enough brains and courage to protect, as well.

I'm sure that none of these dogs come from the US or Canada, show breeders took care of that.


just teach them not to eat any food from strangers or food left on the ground.


That's a seriously expensive dog!

I know that my lovely 'pound' dog is all the security I need, and he was much, much cheaper! :)

Dennis the Vizsla

"Release the hounds." -- Montgomery Burns


That's awfully expensive. I think those poor rich people are getting taken to the cleaners by someone who's exploiting a demand.

I got my shepherd for $500 and my doberman for free. They're good pets AND good guard dogs.


I have to agree, I think that it's sad people are paying that much for a single dog when the same amount of money could save hundreds of dogs lives from shelters.

I get that they are highly trained dogs that specialize in protection but to me it's almost as sad as those people who buy purebred dogs from puppy mills instead of adopting.


I would like to buy a protection dog some day (when I can afford one!), and I assume I will be paying at least $20K. The amount of training that goes into these dogs and the value you are getting is worth the money. Anyone who knows me knows how I am a huge support of dog rescue and have never purchased an animal from a breeder. I will always have at least one rescued dog and one rescued cat.

It's interesting how people are so comfortable criticizing anyone who obtains a dog from a breeder. Yet, it is perfectly acceptable for these same people to have their own children rather than adopt or foster a child.

Dixie the Poodle

Hoo reely needs a Jerman Sheperd wen yoov got a Poodle in the howse. We luv kids & bark at straynjers too

barking dog alarms

I agree then, Its kinda expensive. I'm so called in love with pets. I have a puppy and a cat. They were both adorable. I love playing with them on my leisure time. They were so cuddly. The poodle dog on your logo was so furry. I love it.

erica red

I paid $50 for my little cocker spaniel and he does a great job .

ADT home protection

Why to pay such an enormous sum of money for a dog, when you can always take a puppy from a shelter and train it by yourself? Shelters are full of homeless dogs and are going to be killed if noone takes them and stone-hearted people prefer to pay thousands of dollars rather than save a dog's life for free and get a faithful guardian as a bonus! Doh!

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