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According to Gus

Ha! Love this. Pancakes are on the menu for breakfast tomorrow, and now I think they have to be in the shape of poodles :)


well hell, now I'm hungry.


But it isn't pink or grey

Khyra and The Golden Khousins


Ahh very cute. I might have make that.... for myself.


That made me smile! What a great...and delicious looking....idea!


Adorable!!! :)
(I think I love the tongue most of all).

Now I'll be craving pancakes for breakfast! :)


How cute to see this so early this morning! Perfect for the grandkids...I'll be making these delicious litte pancake faces for them when I see them...


Yummy!!! Looks absolutely delicious and is making me ravenous.

Lincoln Kern

I bet the smiles you get from making these are worth the effort!

Lincoln Kern
Training German Shepherds for the joy of it

Dog Diet

Adorable. I love pancakes and I love Poodles, too. I have two toy poodles and they are very adorable, like this pancake.

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