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he's probably still out there dog paddling looking for his master...not


I had never heard this... legend or not, it's pretty cool!


Despite all the stuff I've read about the Titanic over the years, I hadn't heard about this. Too bad we may never know the truth.

Anne Gibert

History is full of good stories that are not true. That's life, isn't it?


I never even imagined dogs would be on the Titanic......but truly interesting facts!!!

the 4Bs

i had not heard that story.

my grandmother told me that she held a ticket for the Titanic, but missed the sailing. my dad doubts that she had the ticket because she was very poor and could not have afforded even the lowest costing ticket.

she sailed across the sea in a cattle boat. (i think) there were probably a few dogs on her ship also


Well that's too bad that the story is not true.

I do believe a Newfie would be able to swim for three hours in icy water, though. My lab mix has treaded water for an hour straight. The water wasn't anywhere near as cold, of course, but I think most Newfies could pull it off.

Very interesting post!


I'd like to believe its true. :-)


Newfs were often mascots of large ships such as the Titanic. They are tremendously powerful water dogs. Their coats shed water like crazy, and with webbed feet are made for water rescue. Perhaps Rigel was not in the water as long as the story says, but their are books written about this dog. It is a possibility, a steong one, that it is accurate as written.

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How many archaeologists does it take to change a light bulb? Three. One to change it while the other two argue about how old the old one is.

Brother Daniel

Walter Lord discusses this dog in a number of his interviews, and I believe Nigel is mentioned in the book A Night To Remember. It seems the further we get away from Titanic, the less that's accepted about this hero pooch.


I cry every single time I watch the movie but Rigel I do believe it s such a sad story of the titanic:(

John J. O'Leary

Living in Newfoundland I can tell you that our dogs have saved lives on numerous occasions.
We don't like being called,or refered to as Newfies od Newfs. It has a bad conocation such as a racial or ethnic slur.
If you ever come here we will always welcome you such as what happened on 9/11 but call us by our right name, "Newfoundlanders"

Jaime Totty

To Mr. O'Leary
I just want to say that a lot of people refer to specific dog breeds by nicknames. For instance, I have Dobermans and call them 'dobies' some call them 'dobes', just as Newfoundlanders (dogs) are called 'newfs' or 'newfies'. I would not refer to the people of Newfoundland as such. I do wish to thank you for making people aware that affectionate nicknames for dog breeds could have negative connotations or offend people from whichever region the breed is from. I would like to ask you what the correct pronunciation of 'Newfoundland' is. There is a lot of debate about that. Thank you

Nancy about Newfoundland

I will definitely agree that a Newfoundland dog can be a hero. They're very reliable for rescue.

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