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So NOT a khat;-)


sounds like a lot of work to me.


This is where J.K. Rowling got the idea for Fluffy.


I think you should do an anthology of your version of Greek myths


Brings back memories as I had a paperback book of Hercules when I was a kid. It was one of my favorites. The story of how Hercules tamed Cerebus was a fun read for me back then. I don't remember how he did it now though.

Anne Gibert

Gosh, they just don't write yarns like that anymore. Well told!


This is one of my favorite mythilogical stories. Try to wake my little Maltipoo Codi by nudging her butt and that's who she turns into Cerberus!! Her head starts going all over the place and she's trying to snip at you so fast you'd think she had three heads too! : ) Then she realizes it's you and she's sorry you tried to touch her while she was sleeping....


Oops!! Spelling error in there...mythological not mythilogical..

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I like this story. It is a battle between Cerberus and Hercules. It is so wonderful.

Dennis the Vizsla

"I'm Cerberus the hell-dog and I never give up."


hhhaaaaiiittt iiittt


Yes while the story is true the image you have is wrong cerberus did not have three snakes for tails if your going off the animated movie it told the whole story wrong i mean there are truths to it im only 16 but I've studied this stuff and its become my religion plus im a decendent of one of th ancient Greek heros but i don't know which one.


Since there were no cameras in ancient Greece and different versions of the stories, I'll stick to what i have.

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