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wonder if i can get one to put on my porch so no one can get in the door?


I wonder if it could roll the coyote INTO the yard instead of keeping him out?


Being from Florida, we don't have a big coyote problem here. I'm curious to see if this thing works as well as the infomercial says it will. Time will tell.

Karen Friesecke

You know what would work really well? Bringing back the bounty on Coyotes. Problem solved.


Would be great if it actually works. Didn't realize Scottsdale is having a problem with coyotes.


I could see this device keeping people from scaling tall fences as well.


i hadn't thought of that, but an invading human would need a stable hand hold at the top of a fence.

Becky's Barnyard

Those little dogs were extremely lucky. I have seen a coyote around here before. I had a problem last year with the coyote getting my chickens.


Maybe they should use Furminators?


Dennis the Vizsla

That's very clever!

lynn Sinclair

Excellent idea. Of course, a bit confusing for larger birds that stop for a bit of a rest on the fence.


First of all, I'm so glad to know the dogs are going to be okay. GO TUCKER!!! What a hero!

This fence is a great idea. Coyotes have been entering backyards here in Tucson and if the fence works, it could be a solid and humane solution to the issue.


Isn't it amazing just how much we don't know about how the pet mind functions. Almost all humans would have reacted in the same protective manner, had it been a child in the wolf's mouth, and hopefully we would react the same for a pet.

Kinda makes you think that were not that far off from "canine friends."


Those things are really neat. They could work to keep cats confined to a yard too, I suppose. We have coyotes where I live too, and I do worry about them sometimes though I've only heard them at a distance so far.


NO, FENCES DO NOT STOP COYOTES !!! They jump OVER them, never even touching the top. ROLLERS WILL NOT WORK !! I have a 6 ft fence with 1 ft of barbed wire on top. Just a few nights ago at dusk, Coyotes came into my yard and killed my 5 Pomeranians. 3 bodies were left behind, the other 2 they took with them. I have lived here since 2001 and knew they were everywhere, but until now had no evidence they were coming into my FRONT yard, ever. I have seen them in the back (I have an acre all fenced in) and no longer keep chickens or geese back there for that reason. I have always let my dogs out into the small front yard, with and without me. I always turn on the lights even before it gets dark. This particular time, I was out with them but had went inside to the bathroom and to get some coffee. I came out only to find my dogs gone. I looked everywhere and finally found 3 of them dead in one corner of the yard. I never did find the other 2. They had to have been lurking on the outside of the fence watching the dogs and waiting for opportunity. It only took a few minutes for that to happen and I never heard a sound, not one squeal. So forget fencing. I have since talked to some of the surrounding people and have learned that recently some horses have been attacked. Apparently coyotes have been observed "flying" OVER 8 ft fences, so forget the rollers on top. What good are they if the coyotes don't even touch them. These are very smart, cunning animals. Also, don't think that a plentiful crop of wild rabbits running around will satisfy them. I had grabed a flashlight and walked the field alongside my property, dozens of rabbits everywhere!! Why did they come INTO MY YARD and kill my dogs? The only safe bet is to never let your pets alone outside I guess.


Thank you for your post Pam I was thinking of getting these rollers or a taller fence. I've had one coyote in my yard so far and we chased it away with my son's pellet gun. The thing ran fast but now that he knows my dog is here it makes me nervous. I live in California and hear them all the time screaming in the hills. I installed a light to automatically come on for my dog. We have had them sitting around my husband's car early in the morning (3-4 am). My husband sees them running across the road when he goes to work a that time. I see more missing dog signs up more lately, my guess is they were dinner for some coyote. Pretty sad. I'm sorry about your dogs.

Veterinary Pet Insurance

Is there any solutions from your government regarding coyote's attack? better to get your pet insurance before late.


My 23lb dascsund was killed by coyote in my yard at 10am in the morning. One backed him back to the pack then I heard the death howls. Never found body, collars , nothing. Thinking of these instead of barb wire. Now I am not sure they will work.


I had a pet Coyote that could jump from a standstill and bounce off the top of an 6' high enclosure. also he could dig a tunnel 10 feet. I am positive he could out wit any fence that was not an encloser. Must have a top and bottom.
I DONOT recommended them as pets.I thought they were stray dog pups, still had umbilical cord, bottle fed but never acted like a dog. Although the cat kept them in line when in the house.

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