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Hudson and Mary Jo

I hope someday to have a statue of my dog done and erected in our backyard or a local shelter. A dog becomes your best friend and a part of who you are...love this post !!!


i know my daddy always thought he was killed..and said the list of people that wanted him dead was long.
that picture of willie is so sad..


A fascinating story!

Life With Dogs

A well admired pooch - and with good reason!


That reminds me of a veteran's dinner I attended with my father (he's a veteran of the Korean War). One of the WWII veterans there talked about a stray dog his squad befriended while serving in Europe. "That dog was like a brother to us," he said. It must have been important to have the type of companionship that dogs provide when you're fighting in such hostile territory.


I always found Patton to be one of the most interesting figures in history. I knew about his beloved dogs, but I had never seen that photo of Willie. So sad :-(

That book sounds like a good read.

Jean Kavale

Yes, the picture of Willie is sad. But he had a good life with the master he adored, George S. Patton, and it's good that he lived out his life with other members of the Patton family. Patton was admired all over the world, especially in Luxembourg, where he was laid to rest in 1945 at the American cemetery. Even the Grand Duchess spoke kindly of him in a speech she gave from Luxembourg to the USA on Memorial Day 1947. Here's the link:


I have read so much about a famous photograph
of patton's birthday party for willie. I have
not had any luck finding this photo. would you please post it.


I really love this post! First time to read it and never knew there was a story like that. I'm definitely a pet lover and I treat them as if part of my family. That's kinda sad but very inspiring still. I cried!

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