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I understand the idea behind it - making the meals less attractive to kids by removing the toy. But kids aren't paying for their happy meals - parents are. So I don't know that this strategy will have any meaningful impact on the stated goal.
(I hope CA didn't accidentally give away the Tooth Fairy in a Happy Meal!)


Right. That's gonna change everything about not eating well. Kids go with their parents who are too tired, too hungry, too lazy to cook that night....they will go toys or not. Arnie need a good old In'n Out once in a while I bet.


yeah, hows that working for them?


My kids want the Happy Meals only for the toys. They really couldn't care less about the food inside the bag once they have the toys in their grasp.

Steve Bartlett

Our local police force has been concentrating madly on the two biggest criminal threats in history: jaywalkers and buskers. Seriously.

I blame that volcano in Iceland for spewing stupidity dust all over the planet.


I had to look up "busker" to make sure I wasn't doing it in case I was ever in your part of Canada. I'm not. No talent

Karen Friesecke

aren't there more serious problems in CA than toys in a Happy Meal?


You'd think.


i'm sorry guys, i only can say :
I like the blue doll Mc. Donald. i only know the yellow one before. so funny.

Dennis the Vizsla

Yeah, good luck with that. Anybody who knows anything will take their kids to In-N-Out burger anyway.


The only reason I buy happy meals is to get the cool toys.


So far, the ban is not a state bill, but a Santa Clara County one:


But it does seem like just the thing our legislators would debate. I can picture them kicking themselves that they didn't think of it first. :-)

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