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Will woo model yours fur us?

PeeEssWoo: My mom says years and years and YEARS ago, she had a skirt with a gardening elephant on it - she khan still pikhture it in her aged mind!

Karen Friesecke

Just wait 40 years for the above mentioned fashions to appear. well, except for the speedos, they don't look good on anyone over 25.


I had a gray skirt with pink poodle..wide black belt and gray/with pick swirls blouse..i was 'swinging'...I wore black flats..as there was nooooo way i was wearing black/white saddle shoes..i thought then and still do..thems some butt ugly shoes.


We enjoyed finding out about poodle skirts!


you need a [like] button


When I was a kid we wore poodle skirts and saddle oxfords to 50s parties where we danced to the oldies. Now kids are wearing what I wore as a kid and dancing to the 80s oldies!

Dr. Liz

Unless you are at a swim meet (or training), Speedos are pretty much a full-time fashion Don't... ;-) But Fi wants to know what is up with the silly poodle haircuts - she doesn't know any self respecting poodle who would allow his/her hair to be cut in such a fashion! :-)

Dennis the Vizsla

I think the first time I saw a poodle skirt was in some silly 80s made-for-television Halloween movie where somebody accidentally cast a spell that brought everyone in the cemetery back to life, most of whom were evil decayed zombies, except for this one girl who had died in the 1950s and for some reason was heroic and perfectly preserved, right down to her poodle skirt. The hero thought she was just a girl in a costume and fell in love with her and was devastated at the end when she had to return to her grave in the cemetery. *sniff*

poodle skirt

wow..1 it really looks so funny, the dogs wearing the poodle skirts look so pretty and funny. i like it so much. i had once purchased a poodle skirt for my bitch. it was so funny.

Sharon Kitlly

This only shows that skirts are not only available for people. Any you know what I mean by that.

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