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Well - have I got the slobber hound to help them out! Remember in the Ghost Busters movie when Bill Murray got "slimed" by one of the ghosts? Rollo simes me on a daily basis! It's tough getting out of the house each morning for work without gettin Rol Slime on me.

Tom and Icy

I had athlete's foot disease since I was in grade school and could never cure it, only keep it under control with medicine. Then I got a dog that licked my toes, which was disgusting at first, but I got used to it; and the athlete's foot completely healed and has never come back.


if i had a cut on my body i would have my dog lick it..it healed faster...
my beloved dog bill died of cancer..so i hope this helps.


It's just amazing and I hope it helps for humans and animals.

Dennis the Vizsla

Anything that puts another dent in The Big C is a good thing in my book.


Great if it helps as so many people suffer this horrible disease.

Pets health

Its good ...will help humans n dogs ....


I have always thought my dogs have great wound helpers with their saliva. I have never been grossed. I have dog (pug) that kept smelling my mother in laws leg. She kept saying why is he doing that. I finally told her to get it checked out, and to her surprise, she had a blood clot. I also had another pug ho was blind and had congenital heart failure and never left my side (10yrs). He kept smelling where my shunt was (my headaches had gotten worse and had started burning). A couple months later I had to have it removed and have an ommaya reservoir put in. Our animals are so amazing!

Cancer Surgery

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