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So I'm assuming they adopted her?!


that made me cry..


An amazing story! We hope she has a far happier life from here on in!


OK, Jan....that's two stories you posted that made me cry...wait a week or so before you post another one or I will have to get a lab puppy and yell JAN every time it potties on the floor.


Great timing!


Whitney says YES!

Oh wait, Khyra says OH YES!

As some of woo know, Mom went to the York County B&B I was a resident in to see another dog - that one was gone but 'Whitney' was there -

And Whitney had been surrendered bekhause she kept getting out and the owners had to khonfine or surrender -

My win!
(and yours too since now woo know ME)

But yes, I agree the mix inkhludes some of me - the eyes give it away!

PeeEssWoo: With all Mom's transports, she's given up evFUR knowing when khlean windows are!


Yes, dog memory is remarkable, and so are life's unexplained miracles...like this one!


Best guess? She just knew it was time for her to go to her *real* home. :)

Karen Friesecke

I think that Haley just knew that her adoptive home wasn't her *home*, so that's why she wandered. Awesome story!


I love it when a plan comes together!


There are no co-incidences. Haley just didn't like the adoptive home. Eventually, she thought, her favourite family would come back to the shelter and readopt her.

I wonder if she's stopped wandering off...

A really lovely story, Jan!


Glad Haley is back where she belongs!

Dennis the Vizsla

Haley came back, just like the comet! Which isn't spelled quite the same but close enough!


sniff, sniff
[wipes eyes]

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