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I'd vote for a plot with the two of them thinking up this adventure.....you know how kids and doggies are.....always thinking of the next way to test the parents.


Oh, that's great they were both found alive. How many children and even adults are alive because of a pet(s).


Amazing! My poodle is protective of me. When my teenagers and I get into a fun scuffle she'll run up and seem to ask are you OK. I'll tell her we're playing and she'll go lay down. When I don't want to play I remind my kids, "Do I need to call in my 'muscle'?"


I see a lifetime movie of the week..


I our pets always come through for us. Such a sweet story with a great ending.


That's pawesome!

Thanks fur sharing that one!



Ha, good one Jan.
It's hard for me to make an acerbic comment on this one!!!!!
I'll still drop by from time to time.


wow my dog is soo lazy he sits around but wen he wuz young he saved a old lady form being run over

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