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When I was a kid we went to the groomer to pick up our poodle and attached by a leash to a doorknob was this very friendly adorable black poodle. We thought he was so cute. Then I said, "Look mom he even has the same leash as our dog." The groomer came out and mom said, "We're here to pick up our dog." The groomer pointed to the dog on the doorknob. We all laughed and said, "That's why he was so friendly when we came in!" We did not recognize him at all.


I'm sure no one would evFUR khonfuse me with another khanine!


bet the dogs were thinking "WTF"


Black labs make such great pets and we have so many of them at the shelter. Black dogs like these are hard to place even though they are as great as their blond cousins. Thanks for the kind words about these dogs that are so often overlooked.


I love black labs. Two have graced my life thus far; I'll bet more are in the offing. I am amazed at this story, because even if they looked alike, their personalities and even their smell must have been different. I am so glad the mistake was discovered. I can't imagine what the dogs thought when they were called by different names, lol!

Dennis the Vizsla

Hospitals do this with babies, so I guess I'm not surprised it happens with dogs, too.


LOL @Lynne! I came to post a similar story. One day, while waiting to pick pick up my Maltese at the groomer's, I looked in at all the cages. Among the dogs were four Maltese, and they looked exactly alike. To make matters worse, they were behaving the way I thought only MY dog would at the sight of me - gazing right at me, barking excitedly, pawing the cage. I wondered how I would really know if the groomer gave me the wrong dog!


Nothing surprises me. There was a local story about a funeral palor who switched bodies and creamated the wrong one.

Luckily this story has a happy ending and a good reason to have a microchip.


Wow! this is so odd. I can't imagine winding up with the wrong pet! I've heard stories of babies getting mixed up in hospitals, so I guess mixing up pets now and then is bound to happen.


Now I have to tell you a story..
My roommate's black Lab tends to get off the chain,and terrorize the neighborhood.
I saw him across the street one day,and proceeded to drag him,howling and yelping into the house.
about half an hour later,I went to put him out in the back yard,only to discover that he was already there!
I had dognapped someone else's Lab.


Amazing to think that the dogs could get mixed up - but as has been said above, if hospitals can get babies mixed up!

Lynn Sinclair

Interesting that the cats accepted the other Lab -- you'd think they would have noticed the difference.

Like black dogs, black cats are the last to be adopted. I don't know why. I thought it might be because of the mistaken belief that black cats are unlucky, but I've never heard that about black dogs. Perhaps people think the black fur will be problem. I've a black cat, and her fur is a lot less noticeable than my tabby's fur was.


I have a black Lab and I love him so much...I just hope I won't mistake him for some other black Lab around lol!


Maybe we got mixed up at the election and got the wrong black guy?


The most memorable dogs in my life have been black Labs. Peaches was my college housemate's dog. She would catch frisbees, climb on your lap to take a nap, and giddily play with the resident cat. Roach was more laid back, content to lie there and tell you about his life. Literally, that dog could almost talk.


I could see how that could happen with an all black dog, but it would never happen with my German Shepherd, Elke. Her markings are too unique to mistake.


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