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paul mitchell

I advocate feeding all your animals Eukanuba. I do not have a clue what is in it, but I know that the dogs are very healthy and they do not produce much waste. This is very good when you have to mow your grass at least once a week.

I hope the Eukanuba is laced with DDT to keep the damn mosquitoes away from my yard, too.

And these idiots that think that I am going to give up my dog (even to SAVE THE PLANET) are nuts.

Buoyant Dog

Hello....I have been checking out your blog for a couple weeks, and I love it! I just had to reply to this post, and say THANK YOU! Your words are so true.....and many people can go so overboard on "go green" that in many instances, "green fanatics" are either not helping the environment, or even making things worse! Not to mention....making life a bore! Anyhow, you are one of my favorite dog blogs...keep it up! Christina


The best debunking of the 'facts' in that book is here: http://daily.sightline.org/daily_score/archive/2009/11/02/dogs-vs-cars

The math and logic used by the authors to claim that pets are not 'sustainable' were completely wrong.


Dr. Pitcairn's book mentions reducing meat protein in the dog's diet. While he doesn't go so far as to say dogs are worse than SUVs (tuh!) he does advocate mindful consumption of the Earth's resources and offers a number of recipes which include non-meat protein. An additional benefit of replacing meat protein with alternate protein sources is cost.


It seems to me that the save the earth global warming folks are the same people as peta and hsus...they have the same goals, which include the elimination of life as we know it in all its forms.


Good grief! I read the link posted by Pai...how can these authors be so completely wrong and still be published? What rubbish.

But I do love the photo of the Taco Dog...how cute is that? Thanks, Jan!


Is a world without dogs really a world worth saving anyway?


Whatever....I can't even remotely imagine a world without pets.....without SUV's, energy sucking homes, anti-dog idiots...youbetcha!


I am in total agreement with a world without dogs is not worth saving. Green was never my favorite color anyway!!!You can twist stats in every direction imaginable to suit your cause but at the end of the day reality kicks in. I've always found a life in moderation is so enjoyable!!!Love the post!!!


So ... no Pomeranian pot pie? ::sadly puts away cook book::


What about khat khuisine?

the 4Bs

i just think that life would be empty and meaninless without my dogs and i will continue to feed them the best diet that i can afford, even if it includes vegetables, pizza and (gasp) - dog food! eek!


Nope, not giving up my dogs.

I do know a couple of people who I'd be delighted to exchange in return for my dog's carbon credit.

I'm pretty sure that the CO2 they expell in an hour is a whole lot more than my tiny little dogs in a week.


dexter said all dogs must go to make room for earth loving cats


I've got a carbon foot print I'd like to shove up Al Gore's ass!


How does crapola like this book get published anyway?

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I love my dogs they are the only family I have here besides my real family and I don't plan to give them up.

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Dogs are really man's best friend, I can attest to that because I have a dog who has been with me for a year now.

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here in austin, they talk about scoop your poop, harmful gases. Does it really make sense in what they say.

dog and health

It is not ok to eat animals that are close to us or that have good relations with us.

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