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There was a lady in BC who had a Deer who was completely housebroken and was a part of her life for five years. But apparently, she broke some kind of law that said one was not allowed to keep wild deer, and conservation officers moved in. I'm not sure how it all turned out. But obviously, if you find the deer young enough, they are capable of being great pets...for people who are completely wise to the ways of the Deer.

They are big animals...I'm not sure I would like one in my house, lol!


what an amazing story.


Aw! I want to try this at home!


An amazing story - the not so little man was charmed reading it with us.



I was born to run!

PeeEssWoo: Tank woo fur sharing one deer's tail/tale!


Wow very amazing. Hi,
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Pretty cool story. Deer poop is icky....good thing she is potty trained.


Who knew you could housebreak a deer?
This was a great story.


Oh, my gosh!..... I hope the wrong people don't see this and try to ruin things for Dillie!
She's a sweetheart! Loved this video!

Dr. Liz

Wow. That is amazing. And I second the comment about not realizing you could house train a deer!


Cute story - but the reporter needs to bone up on his vocabulary. "Domestic" animals are bred over many generations to have reduced flight and fear of people. Wild animals who are raised from infancy with people and learn to be comfortable with them are "tame".


Thank you for this lovely story. A woman who lives near our town had a wildlife sanctuary for years, and I was privileged to see some beautiful animals close up.

Melanie butera

Dillie is a domestic deer. She was born on a farm ten generations plus of domestic breeding


Very nice story. I'm happy for all of them.

beth baysinger

melanie: thanks for posting dillie's breeding history, i hate when people try to be "know it all's". just curious, what is the average life span for a domesticated deer?

house training a puppy

Wow, what an intelligent deer! I am amazed that you trained it like the way it is! Good job.

Pamila Masters

That is a great job you are doing with Dillie Melanie Butera. I love these kind of stories. Keep up the good work. We have a backyard sanctuary and were priviledged to see a fawn nursing last year in our yard. So beautiful!! Wish I would of gotten a picture but was afraid of spooking them.

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