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paul mitchell

Dang, I hate people. Really, these folks need beating. On both sides.


people should have to pass an iq test before they can own an animal..


Poor Maya! Litter box trained??!!!? I agree with Jackie.


Holy crap? What will those Obama voters do next?


I'm with Paul and Jakhkie!

PeeEssWoo: Maybe they really need a khat!


I'm with Marion -- poor Maya!


My mother would call those people "idjits"
Imagine the disgust the people would have if Maya did something like chew a shoe or barf on the carpet! You know, normal canine/puppy stuff.

Kath Lockett

People's stupidity and ability to waste time and energy will always continue to shock me. I hope the doggie gets given back and finds a much better family to love.


Unbelievable! People like that don't ever deserve to have pets!

John Earle

Jan, Your comment on my blog including the phrase "no dog in the fight" gave me a start, until I realized it HAD to be a left-handed (and somewhat oblique) slam at Michael Vick. Right? Still, coming from YOU...

Close games? Well, the Jets - Chargers qualified, at least.

As for these New York folks... "Morons" was too complimentary. That'd be like call Michael Vick a dog-lover.



Yuck, yuck....been there done that...with Goldberry. Steve got him from some woman someplace in California.....daughter of a friend or something. He was told the dog was "paper trained." Like I wanted a dog peeing on paper in the living room. He pottied everywhere..in the house. Took 2 years of him walking around 27/7/52/365 with a leash dragging behind him for the message to zing into his little cherry pit sized brain. Finally....well, except for that special spot in the hallway where it was dark. Serves the Abrahams right for paying 1500 bucks for a dog to start with. AT A PET STORE!!!!

Lynn Sinclair

You know, some people just don't deserve to have a pet. Hope they don't have any children 'cause they definitely can't be returned.


ok what??? who has ever heard of a dog doing there business in a litter box anyways, litter boxes are for cats first off and there is always a period of a few weeks for the pup to get used to its new surroundings so it is a normal thing for the poor pup to pee on the floor because first he/she doesnt know his/her surroundings.. duh people... if they win this case i will be really surprised!!!! A dog has to get used to their surrounding before feeling comfortable.

Dog BoardingReno


I totally agree with jackie and the ID test. It's said to say but alot of those "pet store dogs" are not a good deal. And $1500 for a puppy go buy from a Reputable Breeder and pay half that and know the dogs parents and siblings. Pet store dogs are mostly from puppy mills


I totally agree with jackie and the ID test. It's said to say but alot of those "pet store dogs" are not a good deal. And $1500 for a puppy go buy from a Reputable Breeder and pay half that and know the dogs parents and siblings. Pet store dogs are mostly from puppy mills


doggie lovr

Ok very confused here as this woman's business is not a "pet store" she is an at home breeder. If you research the name you will find that out. Should I be nervous to not buy from this breeder? LOL

Mark Abrahams

This is why NYPD refused to issue press credentials to bloggers. When responsible journalists do a story, they check the facts prior to relating it. While I understand the truth doesn't always interest people as much as a daytime drama, it does tend to tone down the Jerry Springer mentality of most blog readers and posters.

The dog was not purchased from a pet store, it was purchased from a breeder whose website and personal statements promise that "all of their dogs are fully litterbox trained". One of the plaintiffs has considerable physical maladies that would make it extremely stressful to have to fully housebreak a puppy, thus making a fully litterbox trained puppy extremely appealing. When the puppy continuously soiled her two beds, the floor, and everything but her litterbox, in an extremely confined area, I believe it demonstrates lack of "truth in advertising". Then, what do I know. I've only been a New York Journalist for 36 years.

Mark Abrahams


Dog Needs Potty Training. The couple should not have pet if they don't have patience.
It takes me almost a year to potty train my Maltese.

Loving Pet Owner

To the Abrahams- You should be ashamed of yourselves. Sorry that one of your family member's has a disability that makes it difficult to train a dog and necessary that the dog must do all business in a litter box, but get a life. You're impatient, selfish, uncaring and clearly have no capability to love an animal and it was irresponsible of you to bring an animal into your home and expect the animal to feel comfortable with your surroundings immediately.

And how dare you drag this through the court system, but I am not surprised. TYPICAL OF YOUR KIND!


lazy people have no business with a puppy or any pet at that. Sounds to me like they wanted a cat anyway. Perhaps they did not know the difference between a Maltese and a Siamese.

dog shop

So sad, the cute little puppy was sent back to the owner. I think this should be a lesson learned from the pet shop owner.Hence, honesty is the best policy. ;-D

how to train your puppy

Oh oh, cute little puppy. An innocent one to be in the middle of a legal argument.Lesson learned to the pet owner. You should have fair attitude towards clients. Tell the truth.

Nicole, maltese dog owner

Wow! Little things like that can really get you into trouble. We must be sure of what we're saying to prevent sues like that.


Hmmmm...maybe next time careful so there's no trouble will happen.

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