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I'm sure Mango will khonkhur that Mastiffs ROKHK!


Now that is an awesome story. Not many folks would take on a 100+ pound dogie. Charlie was 88 pounds, Penny was 70....and we thought they were huge!!!


My Nixie was a Mastiff. He weighed in at 98 pounds. He was such a joy as I know Leonardo will be.


Thank goodness for folks who love the big guys!


That is such a wonderful ending to the story!

The people who abandoned the two dogs and cat should be charged. To do that to innocent animals is horrific.

Rebecca - thephillydog

It never ceases to amaze me how cruel some people can be...I wonder how the previous owners sleep at night. At least this is one pooch who will have a better place to call home now!


One of our poodles in just a smidge over 100 pounds (but likely gained from last year's weigh in as he's an adult now (don't tell him though, he'd never believe you anyway :-)

Most people just think he's huge and since he's a poodle he'd not he as intimidating to the uninformed as a mastiff may seem.

I recall when the story came out: Question - if they know the family abandoned the home and its occupants and moved to Las Vegas were they ever charged?


great story..i love happy endings


How can someone leave this sweet and gentle guy that way? Another justification of a truly loving animal came from being abused and lonely.


Every single time our family has fostered a dog to help it find a home it has brought more joy to us then we could ever give it. I am from St. Louis and TOny does so much for rescued animals here. We have a big event coming up this weekend he is sponsoring. He is a great fan of dogs and a real champion of them!!! My hat goes off to him for all the help he has done for animals.

Rod Macbeth

I love happy endings. :)

To make it perfect would be to see the ex-owners charged with animal abuse.

Thanks for sharing this with us.


How people can be so cruel, I'll never understand. I'm glad there was a happy ending.

Poor Leonardo needs some extra vittles. 108 pounds sounds quite light for a Mastiff. My female German Shepherd is over 100 pounds herself.


The authorities should never leave me alone with the despicable humans who left these animals...


Oh what a great and happy story. The sad part is there is not enough of those heart warming stories. Maybe we will all do better.


Leonardo is a cool name. Great happy ending.

Shower Base

All is well when it ends well...

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