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Steve Bartlett

My dogs definitely know that having a finger pointed at them means they're in trouble. Whether they connect the finger with the preceding crashes, bangs, or horrific barking fits is an open question. So far, probably not.


I agree with Steve. They make no connection between the trash strewn across the floor and my state of mind and pointing finger.


i pointed my finger at bill once and was waggin it at him and he came up and licked it..game over..


And here I thought woo were sharing info about those foamy things that say 49ers #1



Ha ha. Not after yesterday's humiliation which I am trying to forget.

Dennis the Vizsla

Dennis knows that when playing fetch, a finger pointed at the toy means he dropped it too far away from the lazy human. ;-)


I usually save my middle finger salutes for the highway!


Bailey is more familiar with a pointed toe--as in "your cookie is over here." *toe points to cookie on floor*


Funny! My cat Oscar knows what the pointed finger means - and he knows he's in trouble. He almost always talks back when I point at him!


I imagine that to a dog we sound pretty much like the adults sounded in all the Peanuts specials. WAH WAH WAH...


I know Ace understands that when I point at him he better listen up. And when I point at things he goes and gets them. Or if I point somewhere, he will drop his ball where I point. I haven't noticed if the cats can comprehend pointing or not. I'm guessing they simply do not care.


BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Love this post! That cartoon/photo reminds me of Chance and me! Chance always has that "Whatever" look when I finger point.


I have noticed this with my own dogs (not the wagging finger part.. I hope I don't do that). I think it is quite intelligent of them to look in the direction of a pointed finger. What amazing adaptable creatures they are.


When we find a trash can knocked over, I wag the finger at both dogs. And they both look guilty though I'm positive only one committed the crime.


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