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How 'bout kharving a khat into a pumpkin?

PeeEssWoo: I'm just kidding ;=)


Oh, the German Shepherd looks like it could be my Elke. I think I will continue to post the humilating photos of dogs and cats, but only because I pick on humans as well. I'm an equal opportunity offender :-)


This is great! I'm going to do it!


Ah! I knew you'd get to the bottom of these dog o'lanterns.

It seems like every other email I get this week is a parade of cheesy dog Halloween costumes. And this is the year you're declaring this blog costume-free? What will I do with all these jpgs?


That it too cute...I'll have to download one for Steve....he is the official carver.


I got the pics in an email, but had no idea they were stenciled??????


D'awwww cute pics! My boys would never let me put them in costumes even if I wanted to.

Dr. Liz and Fiona

I don't wear costumes, but I don't think I look enough like the poodle in the picture to make it believable. I wonder if they have a retriever, and if I'd look any more like that?!?

*kissey face*


BTW did you happen to look at the LOL Outtakes at the Better Homes & Garden site? That's how my photos turn out more often than not.


Aww, how nice of you not to post humiliating Halloween costume photos. Ha!

I don't think I have the patience to carve my dog's face into a pumpkin. I barely have the energy to carve triangles for eyes and a nose. But those examples look great!


how cute..and way too much work..

Lynn Sinclair

The perfect way for your pet to join in the festivities.

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