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It's almost like looking at my mom and me!



Oh what a wonderful story! I am always drawn in by these unlikely friendships! I love how happy the dog and monkey look. Very sweet.

the 4Bs

so sweet!


This dog's energy so reminds me of Lucky, one of my dogs. There is a far-off wisdom(?) in their eyes, as if they have all the knowledge in the world.

I once had the extreme pleasure of owning a hound/poodle cross named Roscoe.


What an interesting friendship. Every fall my dog and a squirrel in the yard strike up a friendship. It's fun to watch them play. They never touch, but they are obviously playing with one another.


I love this picture. It reminds me of a married couple.


ths is one of the greatest things i've ever seen...it's almost like they really knew each other...how wonderful...

Christopher from BorderWars

I know that men get hair in weird places as they age, our ears and nose get larger, and gravity makes things droop, but really, Clint Eastwood just doesn't look himself. But Clyde the Orangutan looks fantastic.


haha...the comments were as good as the video!


That was the most wonderful video - we loved it! What an amazing relationship between the two of them.

Dennis the Vizsla

The dog likes the orangutan because the orangutan has four hands to pet him with.


Maybe they were a married couple in a previous life. I wonder which was the husband & which was the wife

Lynn Sinclair

Everyone needs a friend -- looks like these guys have been fortunate to find theirs.


A real odd couple, indeed.


I have an unlikely pair in my own barn...my donkey Poco and a barn cat I call Pumpkin. Just today Poco was using his muzzle to 'pet' Pumpkin. REALLY! Pumpkin was sitting down in Poco's run and Poco ran his muzzle back and forth down Pumpkin's head and back. SOO cute. I'll have to try and get a video of it, but every time they see a camera they get all shy ;-)

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