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That was funny. The spokesperson on the news show was great. She delivered her lines spot on. It was a great spoof. And the memo from PETA at the end was a good way to close.


There's a reason we call them "boobs"

gus, louie and callie

OMD what will they think of next..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie


HA!..I loved the little scrolling news flashes at the bottom.


i love the onion..and hate peta..

Dennis the Vizsla

Ha ha ha ha ha! I love The Onion! OMG, "Some rescued women so traumatized they have to be put to sleep" ... Maurice Sendak the courtroom artist! *** SNORT ***


The Onion is my kind of humour!

Of khourse, I khan't eat them but my mom loves them!

PeeEssWoo: Trust me: PETA won't be approaching my mom fur a shoot!


Thank you Jan! You made my day!

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