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That is one good dog. When my eldest daughter was about four, Mr. Cube let her hold the leash for BB, our German shepherd at the time. She promptly took off and pulled my cubelet onto the street face first. BB always resented her taking over the role of baby in our house and she never got over it.


I was thinking the same thing... if that dog took off running it would be dragging that baby. Coming from someone who has been dragged down 4 times never thinking it could happen again. I got a pinch collar and only had to pinch him once and he never dragged me around the neighborhood again.


The dog looks about ready to bite her face in this picture. Mmmm, lunch!


Well, here is what I see.....same gait, love, two cute behinds.


Looks like the dog is looking out for her, according to the gang in this house!

Dennis the Vizsla

"Wanna go get ice cream?"


Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin world go round!!!!!LOL

Dental Brandon

This is beyond cute! I am speechless, so adorable!


LOL! How cute!


That is adorable~


Awwwww! This is just way too cute! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today! XO

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