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he also was supposed to have said to a woman at a dinner, who told him 'if i was your wife i'd poison my self' he said if you were my wife i'd let you..


Dog lover + small-government conservative = good politics.


I was talking to a friend on Tuesday about all of the doggies we have had....and I will be honest here....I love Violet and Petey beyond words....I have had small and large dogs. Violet and Petey are my beloved pets......Charlie and Penelope were my beloved friends......there was/is a difference with these dogs....and I do know that my life would only be half as rich if I didn't have them....and the cats too of course.


I share Mr. & Mrs. Coolidge's love of animals. I feel sorry for those, who
for whatever reason, don't have pets in their lives.

I was surprised to read that that the portrait of Rob Roy & Mrs. Coolidge still hangs in the White House's Red Room... you mean, it hasn't been banished as was the bust of Winston Churchill?


Jackie's thinking of Churchill's retort to Nancy Astor. Churchill was known for a quick wit and devastating comebacks. Coolidge, on the other hand, was known for being steady, silent and supportive of business and not for insulting women, regardless of what they looked like.


Is it just me,or is Grace Coolidge a total hottie?

Dental Brandon

That is such a wonderful painting...and I love collies (primarily because I grew up watching Lassie).


I like his comment about any man who doesn't like dogs, doesn't deserve to be in the white house! :) (Although - my husband isn't a big fan of dogs... wonder what that says?!) :)


I'm with Sling...Grace Coolidge is a classic beauty. Especially with her dog...what an amazing painting!

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