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Wow. This is just so sad. I think at this point, most people have heard about these scams, so I'd hope the scammers aren't getting any money, but... I'm sure they must be, or they wouldn't continue. I had a co-worker who got sucked into something like this because of the cuteness of the pups. Thankfully, she asked me about it before pursuing it very far! She, herself, wasn't very internet savvy, so always asked for advice! Good for her in this case. She has since found a (real, live) pup from a rescue!


That message was funny when National Lampoon had the cover with the line "If You Don't Buy This Magazine, We'll Kill This Dog" from back in 1973. It's not as funny when puppy scammers do it. :-(


sick idiots




Heartless cowards.

Joann Lee

poor dogs,this is sad this is not funny!we should not do this!

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