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Woo go!

I had my own Golden DoofTriever Weekend with Merdie!

Such a show off - able to go out in the yard without a tether - pffffft!



I wasn't alive for ford but I do love the Obama dog. Small dogs are my favorite


Thanks for the fun facts. I didn't know about the poop story. It's nice to know today especially because one of our cats pooped in the hallway sometime last night & I was the one who cleaned it up this morning.


a dog makes a man...and you can tell a lot about the man by the way he treats his dogs..if only george w bush had treated the american people as well as he treated his dogs..
i always liked ford..


I have run across two more interesting dog and president stories and blogged about them at my history for children blog. One is about FDR and his scottish terrier Fala and I especially LOVE the story about George Washington when he was general during the Roevolutionary War. He found the British general's dog after a battle and guess what he did with him?


I'm "guessing" George Washington fed the dog, had him brushed and returned to General Howe.

jan's funny farm

That was really interesting. We checked all the dog links there. Thanks.


We just watched a show on Animal Planet this weekend about the Presidents' dogs. Embarrassing (to this large dog owner) to see the Reagans being dragged around by a Bouvier and then by a ... Cavalier King Charles spaniel???


I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for always sharing all these fun facts about dogs!


Funny how people like to butt into your pet's lives like the American people butt into the President's lives.

My dad for several years wanted to feed my dog table scraps. His dogs are very fat. Mine isn't. Finally after him telling me how cruel I was to not give my dog treats I said fine feed her some table scraps. I'm warning you though they give her diarrhea. He had new carpet put in his house a few years ago. I've never heard another word about nor does he try and feed her.


I miss the 70's!!!!!

pet sling carrier

interesting article,
thank you so much

puppy training

A presidential dog!! yep

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