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Truman...what a scumbag!
T. Roosevelt....good
Reagan.....the absolute best
Lincoln, Harding....no comment
FDR, Clinton,Kennedy....scumbags to the second power!!!!!


Now Jimmy, I think your politics are showing maybe.


So, I think we need a Siberian in power! Turbo and I ran in 2008 but.....



Sorry about that. It's hard to separate them from their politics?
Grrrrrrrrrr.......change I can believe in.......give me a break!
I'd be like that poor chap in Las Vegas if I said what I wanted to say about Obammer!
Bite him "Bo"!!!!!

Jon Gaylord

Good for Truman. If a person doesn't like dogs the best thing to do is to find a home with someone who does. Pretending to like a dog would have been dishonest and Truman seems like someone who was very honest.


Where do you get these wonderful stories?
I agree with Jon,Harry just wasn't the sort to pretend.

Tom and Icy

You really do a good job finding interesting tid bits day after day. Good work. I don't always have anything to comment, but enjoy reading them.

gus louie and callie

Not sure if we like that President Truman. How can he not like dogs? It is wonderful to find out that the finally got to live on a farm where we are sure he had a job. Mom says all dogs need a job.

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie


I have a couple of more "president and dog" stories here:

I especially LOVE the George Washington story.


changes my feelings about truman all together..read a story from the head what ever at the white house and he told a story about the night before gwbush's dog had to be put down, he took the dog out to the white house lawn and laid down on the grass with the dog and spooned him for hours...that made me cry..still hate the asshole, but still made me sad for him..


Well, we tend to judge everyone on how they get on with dogs! When our local and European elections were taking place recently - if the canvassing policitians didn't like Clive - they most certainly weren't getting our vote!

Read back on some of your other President's Dogs - of course, we loved reading about JFK - one of our highlights visiting Boston last year was going to the Kennedy Museum.


"If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog." I love that quote. I think it's so true. A friend one day can be railing against you on talk TV or radio the next. Ask Bush. A dog on the other hand is always going to be loyal.

Palm Springs Savant

I posted something on my blog today that you might be interested to see! Just wanted to say hi.


Lynn Sinclair

The poor dog probably had some issues, considering how often he was passed around.


I had never heard this criticism about Truman. I don't understand it and
it's not for me, but people who don't like dogs do dogs a disservice by keeping them. They did the right thing in giving it away to someone who did want the pup.

Thanks for the edification, jan.


@Lynn: That's what I was thinking. I counted seven owners (counting collectively the staff of Camp David). Kudos for being well-traveled, but possibly a bummer for the dog. Still, I agree w/ Jon; better to let it go to a good home than keep a dog you don't want.

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