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That poor dog looks like he would rather be anywhere else in the universe than where he is. His handlers treat him like a delicate egg, which he may be.

Mavis Molly

Greetings from Hong Kong, I saw this in the NBC Nightly News (this morning), poor dogs, don't think they are into surfing.

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All the best to your great Blog.


i can see annie doing that...



They do look bored there.


Seems to me this is more for the humans than for the dogs.

Mary Jo and Hudson

What a cool looking dog who looks like he is bad to the bone.


Thanks Jan! I needed a chuckle....


If I heard it correctly announced in the video......the bulldogs name was Dozer.
I used to have a bullie named Dozer and he couldn't swim a lick! Most bullies cant.
I saw where they had a life jacket on the poor pup. He was probably stayin' on the board cause he was scared he was gonna drown if he fell off????LOL!!!!


Ummmm, not on my list of things I WILL do!


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