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I have a Far Side book with some of the cartoons you mentioned. My favorite cartoon though is a pilot and co-pilot looking ahead out their cockpit window, one commenting to the other, "What's that mountain goat doing in this cloud bank?"

Some attorney found my blog recently after I posted a review of his client's film. I noticed a comment from this guy, Googled his name, and found out that he trolls the internet looking out for people violating his client's copyright. I apparently didn't though because he didn't say anything about it.


The one where the guy is trying to get into the school for the gifted by pulling on the door that says push. I know a lot of people like that and i laugh whenever i think of that cartoon


I can't remember what the words were but it was a FarSide cartoon of couple in a boat with their poodle arriving at an African village.
Lynda Barry's Poodle with a Mohawk is a favorite. Gordy sometimes looks like that dog if I mess up his topknot.


I have one on the fridge from a friend who reads the Farm Side. It shows a sheep party with a dog walking in through an open door. Caption, "Henry, our party's total chaos. No one knows when to eat, where to stand what to...Oh, thank God, here comes a border collie".


You won't like this one. It was Bobbing for poodles. A bunch of alligators standing around a big tub.


Ah yes!

Mom has THAT smile about her now!



The first Far Side cartoon I saw was the mother bear in the cave,holding up human skulls with hunter's caps on,and in puppet fashion telling her two cubs;
'Okay..one more time and it's off to bed'..
'Gee George,think there's any bears in this cave?'..
'I don't know Bill..Let's take a look!'.
I was hooked after that. :)


Wow! This is so funny! I have a collection of Far Side cartoons that I was going to send you if I had known your address.


i miss far side...i miss bloom county and opus more...sigh*

Jennie/Kahshe Cottager

Oh my goodness, this post does bring back memories! The Far Side was one of my favourites! I do hope you get a print ... and suitably autographed too!


The one where the dog is putting the new baby out on the lawn in a cardboard box that says "free to good home" and the caption says something like "Mitzy thinks turn about is fair play". Love Larson! Thanks for the memories and the laughs.

Saint Lover

I had the dayrunner calendar pages that were far side cartoons for years... i remember the poodles of the Serengeti cartoon... too funny! I loved his cartoons.


I had my favorites on the fridge and finally put them away because they were getting fragile.


i lovelovelovelove Gary Larson. it was a sad day when he stopped doing the Far Side. i have every book, including the 37 lb. complete works. i truly feel like my life is a far side cartoon. and i know that letter too, darnit, because i would love to post a far side cartoon on my blog also from time to time.

one of my favorites: Buddy's dreams = parakeet of the baskervilles. (i had a little bird named Buddy).


The Far Side where the poodle is taking out the neighbors flower bed with an earth mover.


The one with two dog in a bar, they have on collars but the others don't.

"I think we're in a stray bar."

Mary Jo and Hudson

Strolling down memory lane when so many things including cartoons were so pure and truly funny without being tasteless. Those were the days...


Too many funny ones to cite. Love the Far Side. Had many of them on the fridge for years. It would be tremendous if Larson could start back up again now that he's been out of it for a while. Here's to his batteries recharging soon.

Lynn Sinclair

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Gary Larson suddenly got the urge to bring The Far Side back to life?


You definitely deserve an autographed print of Poodles of the Serengeti for that wonderful post!!!

dog training

As far i am concerned you made a very good point here. nice done!


Does anyone know what book/collection the Poodles of the Serengeti appeared in? I'm on the lookout for one too - especially if it was in colour...

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