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Tom and Icy

Lately our cat Bootsy has been raking Icy's hair with his claws.


there is a book called Knitting With Dog Hair; I have lost track of how many copies I have been given as gifts (& no I have never tried it).

Whenever we go to art/craft fairs & see something we like the rule is to picture it covered with dog hair & decide if we still like it.


Jimmy (Uncivil) mentioned the Furminator to me when I mentioned having problems with Chance's thick coat. The dog has got sooooooooooo much THICK hair that he always looks so scruffy. I think it's cute though. I'm not sure how comfy he is in the summer though with all that hair. I may end up getting the Furminator. I've used so many different combs, brushes, sheers on him. Nothing works.

Oh, and you are so right about the Swiffer!! It DOES do an amazing job on picking up dog hair.


Don't woo know the khaption fur that pikh?

It is "The khat, it went poof"

PeeEssWoo: My mom has been too lazy to try it but Pledge has this
that has gotten some good khomments from many of the khanine peeps...it is sort of disposable but there is a way to make it reuseable!


does this stuff work on cats? if so, im in for it..annie smells like pee and is shedding pee hair all over the apt. she keeps this up she's only going to have 8 lives left.


It's that time of year again! Or is it always that time of year...it seems so with my Lucky! Constant shedding, constant brushing, and constant eating of hair. And he doesn't smell so good either, after he's finished rolling around in the good earth, to assuage the itch of hair falling out.

I'm going to try the Furminator, I saw it in a store last week. Who knows, it may actually work well on Lucky...or it might join the millions of other brushes I've collected which all claim to be the best!

Aidana WillowRaven

Wow, I wish I could get free art supplies to feature them on my illustration/design blog. Do they contact you, or you them?

Jennie/Kahshe Cottager

Ohh what timing! My Ceilidh just rolled in something she thought smelled wonderful and is headed for the tub soon! I may try those microfiber towels when I see them next time. I love my Swiffer!


our mom is so glad that we don't shed. you should see the bag of hair that she gets off of us when we get groomed though. at least it all comes off at one time and in one place. another reason why poodles are the perfect dog.



A friend gave our person a Swiffer Max. Now that is amazing-twice as wide as a regular Swiffer. Gordy and I don't shed (we are poodles) but Pesto the cat certainly does. Schnoodlepooh is right-I had a haircut today and the clippings filled a plastic grocery bag.


Hey Jan, thanks for visiting my blog! I look forward to checking back on your poodles!

Mary Jo and Hudson

Thank God we barely shed or might be running out this morning trying to find the Furminator.


Does the Furminator hurt?

Debbies Dog Clothes

I love the fact that I have hardwood floors so it is easy to sweep up all of the dog hair.


@cube: I've been borrowing Mom's Furminator for a few months now. The Furminator doesn't hurt the dog, as long as you watch what you are doing. Don't brush where the skin is thin or where there's very little fur, such as the bony part of the legs. But up on the back, sides, and stomach, where the fur is thick, this baby is a wonder.


I have a dense coated lab/chow mix, and the furminator is my #1 favorite dog item for him. It gets so much hair off of him in minutes! I weighed it one time, and we got over a pound of hair off in a few minutes--just removing the lose hair of course.


The Furmanator is a great tool, but since we've been using Dinovite we haven't needed it. We were surprised that it worked like their ads.

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