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Tank woo fur sharing that...

Khyra O'Husky


Hi Jan

I'm not american and don't live in the US so don't have any opinions about PETA, but animals I do love. From what I can see your argument doesn't hold. Along with Craig's comparison of marathon runners vs sled dogs - the former make their own choice, the latter are driven to do what they do by humans. That some sled dogs might enjoy what they do may well be a predisposition of the breed, but really, it is just chance. And unless we all turn Babel, we're never going to know.

As for picking on an animal humanitarian outfit to justify your own passion for exploiting the loyalty of dogs for your own entertainment, to me it comes back to that old, old adage: two wrongs don't make a right.

Have a great day.


Of course we are all familiar with that argument that the dogs are forced to run.

Have you ever tried to force a dog to do anything he absolutely didn't want to do? There are those huskies who don't enjoy athletics and they are not among the chosen few.

I don't think we need to turn Babel to understand the language of our dogs.


Knowing what a dog loves to do doesn't take much intelligence. And you're right. No one can force a dog to take on anything he or she doesn't want to do.


If i'm not mistaken, peta is not just an american nuisance. They stick their nose in all over the world.


They play on the rare deaths of sled dogs to raise money to kill other dogs. Humanitarian? I don't thing so.


Every culture and every cause has its extremists. I do my best to avoid them all and set my goals to do what my heart tells me is right.. especially when it comes to dogs.


I had no idea the extent that dogs were being killed in Iraq! Thanks for sharing that news article.

Regarding the Iditarod and animal rights activists? Jan, your post was spot on!

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