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Saint Lover

That is just sickening! Absolutely sickening! But the people and lawmakers are sucking up their propaganda like its sugar!


i hates them sonsabitches


I am having a terrible dilemma just now that relates to this topic. Family members about whom I care deeply, but with with whom I do not have a close relationship, are sending me propaganda from the HSUS...campaigns like saving the seals and shutting down puppy mills.
I don't want them to hate me forever and yet this is the very organization that would love to see my entire industry, dairy farming, vanish tomorrow. I am at a complete loss as to how to handle this.


unfortunately, the good does not outweigh the bad.

jan's funny farm

Good post and links.


I agree w/Jackie!

gus louie and callie

We need to do something about those PETA people.. That is just not right..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Dog Lover

wow. i feel clueless. thanks for the info. i'm adding you to my favorites so i can check in for more info.


I've no idea at all. This is terrible.


for more on PETA's reign of death... http://www.petakillsanimals.com/

There is simply no excuse for it.

Mary Jo and Hudson

It is hard to muddle your way through what organization truly has dogs best interest in mind without all the senseless killing.


That boggles my mind if that is true. Seven? One person with no extra money can save more than seven dogs in a year.


Imagine how many dogs could be saved with their budget of $31 million.

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