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He's a handsome khaninechap!

PeeEssWoo: Well duh is spot on!


HA!..'Say hello to my leetle friend!'

Tom and Icy

It seems like all the poop mines in the yard would be enough to discourage them.


Oh my...is that a long-haired shepherd? He brought back many memories of my Pablo, who looked exactly like this one. How beautiful he is! It's been a long time since I've thought of Pablo, who lived with me during my twenties. Thank you, Jan, for the photo! And the tears of remembrance...

Jennie/Kahshe Cottager

I think I would have run off too!


That is one big doggie....we had Lhasa Apso, Goldberry. He was a little guy, but his bark scared the bejeezes out of everyone.....worked for us several times but not enough to keep someone from stealing mail from our box attached to the house right next to the front door.


even a small barking dog is better than no dog...

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