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Those dogs are happiest when they're working. Much like productive humans.


Oh they are such gorgeous animals! What a beautiful video! They look as if they are smiling to me.


Below is an email from Rosemary's Attic who had technical difficulties in commenting, but threatened me with a lawsuit...

There is a local family in our neighborhood that has a team (4) of mismatched dogs and they run in our local yearly race. Our road is long and straight, then has two sharp turns, hills and narrow spots....perfect for practice. These dogs are joyous, friendly and wonderful to watch. They are family members. See the dogs in the clip? Penelope...but she is blond....same tail, face, ears (except her left ear is a turn signal)

Hi Jan….here is my comment….the “post” thingy won’t highlight. It had better count towards the 10K mark or I will have to call my lawyer.

Karina A.

What an amazing tribute to these magnificent beings... I've heard so many points of view on these historical races but like @cube said, I think they all enjoy them compared to sitting inside a house all day like most pets! :) Thanks Jan (and Dog Daze) for finding it and sharing it with us! This will definitely be my twitter Wake-U-Upper for tomorrow Friday!


My role model is in that video!


I want to be like Kara!

We do have one difFURence - her mom Karen told my mom that Kara LIKES khats! Imagine that!?!

Tank woo fur making Mom and me SMILE!

PeeEssWoo: My snow will be all gone soon ;-(


wow..they are like work horses..so beautiful..


It's amazing to watch these dogs train in the summer. Their joy at doing what they love transmits to all the watchers...makes me love my dogs, even though they are not the working animals as these are, even more.

Mary Jo and Hudson

My son's girlfriend had this type of dog is the midwest and it would crave our winters and be miserable in the summers as they were way too hot for her body made for cold. These are amazingly smart sweet dogs who try so hard to talk all the time to their owners and many owners swear like my son that they can say "I WUV YOU" and they do seem to smile all the time.

LuLu and LoLLy!

Wow! We are 2 Maltese dogs and we need to say Two Paws Up! for this outstanding video. Thanks for sharing!! Also, yes, your birthday is probably the most important thing this month. Love, your paLs, LuLu and LoLLy!


It seems all the other commenters noticed the same thing I did - how HAPPY these dogs look. Tails wagging, eyes happy, big smiles. It's a good thing.

Jennie/Kahshe Cottager

What a great video and so full of smiling dogs! I could have used a sled team here this winter - 18 feet of snow and still counting!


The very thing I needed to start my weekend out right!! Beautiful dogs! Beautiful music! Lotsa joy!! Thanks for posting this video--it's wonderful!!!


Dan W

Wouldn't it be funny if my "Ikilledadog" comment was the 10k?

heh heh


The Iditarod is just the most amazing example of determination and spirit... of both man and dog.
Loved the video!


Thanks for the clip! A good one for me to see tonight.

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