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Very interesting! I saw a study done on foxes in Europe where they were bred in captivity and after about 8 generations started changing their coat colour. The thought if I remember correctly is that as they became tamer or more used to humans the coat became more pleasing to the eye.


Furry good khwestion!

I mean, take a look at what WE have to ofFUR



Had my mother been able to "breed" me I would have been male with Italian features. Or maybe she would have preferred a silver Poodle. Sorry....my claws are out today.

Steve Bartlett

Actually we just did it to match the curtains :)


Yeah that makes sense. It's probably still going on today, right?


Once,while waiting in my car for a large herd of sheep to cross a road,I noticed that there was a black sheep at the end of every 5th row..I don't know for sure,but I decided it was so the sheep herders could keep track of the number of sheep more easily...I just thought that was cool.


if that was the reason all my dogs would be chocolate colored.


The Chinese Crested......they changed that dogs hair color so many times it started falling out????

Karina A.

Jan, I gotta' tell you! I love your blog: it's always a learning experience paired with the funniest and most creative commentators! Jimmy's made me laugh so much I almost cried. So I'm not even going to try to make a funny statement since I can't top that about the Crested... Can't wait to come back for your next post!


This is interesting...I'll bet they began breeding coloured animals because they were different...and therefore more valuable.


I think it's because it was easier to track animals with distinctive coloring and we liked the pretty colors.


I don't know why dogs are all so different, but I'm glad it's working out that way.

Levi's Mom

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