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We don't do trump!



i wish i could help you out, but my TV schedule is completely full. and to make matters worse, i'm undependable. i have never seen that show, but it looks like it will bring out the worst in those people - good drama for our viewing pleasure. i'm waiting for a show that will show people at their best.


I love love love 24, and Kiefer Sutherland! But you don't have to be there to watch it, or relying on tidbits... Watch it on hulu.com! It is free, and I think they put up the latest episode within a week or two of it's first airing. Check it out!!
Octo-Mom is a freak! I would be livid if I were a CA tax payer! She has some nerve! At least it doesn't look like she has any dogs!

Tom and Icy

Icy wants to be the Sorcerer's apprentice.


Tuesdays?...While 'American Idol' is on??
I don't think I can miss my guilty public humiliation fest Jan.


I never seem to watch tv on the television (usually, I just catch shows online) but if I see someone blogging it I'll shoot you the link.

I didn't realize Joan Rivers was still alive.

gus louie and callie

Oh Mom loves 24.. This week it is 2 hours she can hardly wait...
Check out Dad's post today. You will love the lady he featured..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie


Since I work evenings, I too will miss about half the episodes... but must admit that I will be watching when I can. :-)

Karina A.

Not that I have anything against the WWF but I think Trump's idea is just a big setup with the intent of being a reality show meets Who wants to be a millionaire. I used to like when just regular people competed for what they considered the dream of a lifetime: being part of Trump enterprises. Now it's all about celebrities trying to make a show where there's no script per-se. The Donald doesn't have to alter his payroll but gets a big paycheck from NBC for promoting his company and fellow actors. Win-win: Trump name all over the place and celebrities getting some PR airtime. But ok, I'll do my best to keep you posted :-)


Iwouldn't watch it even if they paid me to...I can't abide Trump.I like the nasty Trump Dog better..and I'm with you..have to watch Jack save the world..but you can go to hulu.com and watch it on your computer..I have to do that on wed. when I watch Lost and it comes on at the same time as Life..and I looooooove the guy in that show..and Adam Arkin..? what's not to like..so I watch Lost and then later on that night or the next morning I go to hulu and watch it..also get to watch Dexter too..love Dexter..
my only wish for the Apprentice is that one day one of the people getting fired leaps across the table with a pair of scissors and whacks off Trumps ugly hair..maybe Joan Rivers and Melissa will double team him..


Shouldn't Trump be fired? I mean, didn't his casino go bankrupt? I never did get into this "apprentice shows", celebrity or otherwise. So I can't help you there. I don't watch that much TV anyway.

I was scanning your blogs here, wondering if you had blogged at all about Mickey Rourke's chihauhau who died recently. I can't imagine a tough looking guy like Rourke having his life turned around by such a little dog. But they say it's true.


"24" trumps Trump!! Seriously, I'll admit that I've been a past fan of The Apprentice, but it's no where near as good as it used to be. Watch Jack and Google Trump the next day--you'll enjoy both programs more.


Celebrity Apprentice is a great idea - All of the celebrities are competing on behalf of charities! Personally I'm rooting for Joan Rivers, who's competing for God's Love We Deliver. God's Love is a terrific organization that provides meals to people who cannot shop or cook for themselves, due to life-threatening illness. It's a great place to volunteer, too (I do!) so check out their website at www.glwd.org.

puppy training

It looks like a very special dog. I like his face very much!

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