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that's a pretty funny story. that dog is our idol.


That is just too funny! We have a dog who roamed all over the place when he was young. He did about a four mile loop to say hi to all the neighboring dogs, cats, and sheep. I am so greatful that he is older and happy to sit on the porch and wait for people to pass by him instead!


Akhtually, it is furry disappointing these 'owners' seemed to think it was funny...

Akira was furry lukhky pup to have not gotten hurt/hit/or worse...

Siberians are NOT a furry good fit fur THOSE kind of fences...



I love that story! Brillant!


Oh my goodness.....this is like a Paul Harvey story......"and now......the rest of story" LOL!!!
Great follow-up!

Tom and Icy

The amazing part is that the dog managed to open the package; even the humans have a hard time with that these days.


You would think her owners would notice more bones around the place than what they had bought. Or was the dog smart enough to stash them somewhere before coming home? It would be fun to put a video camera on her collar and let her go again.

Amber Sunshine

Awww...what a silly smart dog...How awkward for the owners though...better their dog than a human kid or something like that ;)


that cracks me up...my friend shady lane used to work at a vets office and she said there are dogs that are called 'runners'..you can give them a home and do everything right and one day the dog will decide to take off and boom it's gone. might come back..might not..i had a great dane 'baby' like that he found me..stayed with me for a while then would run off finally gave him to someone out in the country that had a big fenced in yard where he could run...he stayed there for about 3 months and then jumped the fence and moved across the road to another house, where they let him sleep inside in stead of in the barn...3 months later..he was gone...


And there's a perfectly good reason to not trust those invisible fences. Husky's are great escape artists, I'm surprised this one stopped at shoplifting and didn't take up cat (or dog) burglary.

Note to self: must video Greta paying for her Greenies.


We saw this on CNN and had to watch it a few times to make sure they weren't saying "KHYRA"! Khyra, you are absolutely right. There are some dogs that just shouldn't be contained with an electric fence. Huskies and malamutes for sure, kuvasz too.

Ayatollah Mugsy

I, too, have had run-ins with the law. But my parents never snitched on me.


I say ban bad owners not specific breeds!


Now that's a dog on a mission. :-)


I'm happy to see a follow up on this story. Too funny for words.

Levi's mom


This dog must be a true explorer. My dog has never managed to get out of his electronic fencing. I am so lucky.

Harvey Shepherd

Heh. That does sound adorable in its own odd way. Still, at the very least, you can say that all's well that ends well. Luckily, the owners discovered the footage from the incident and they were able to settle it without a lot of fuss.

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