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Thanks fur sharing a wonderful story - albeit sad...

We khanines do khome into lives and change/touch them so furry much!

If it weren't fur me, my mom would not have most of the furiend she has!



losing a pet is like a stab in the heart...

on another issue..have you seen the tv show on animal planet called from underdog to wonderdog?...oh it's a great show...


OK....sniffs galore.....

fuzz is back on the bed not eating or moving much. Damn tumors.


Thank you for sharing that. Chihuahuas have a special place in my heart. It's the only other breed of dog I've owned beside German shepherds. Lula was super smart and, although very small, she was fearless.

I got a little verklempt reading this... this coming Saturday will be a year that we had to put down Dax.


Brings back fond memories of our first Chihuahua "Skippy" as a child. I'll always have a weak spot Chihuahuas! Love em!


Nikki sounds like a wonderful dog. May she always live on in the memories of those that she loved.


Love sometimes comes in a small package. Such a sweet story.


That was a nice story. I hope you do more family dog stories. Maybe I should guest-write how you brought Muffy and me together.

As a small foot note to Nikki's story, I have to tell you that dog always hated me. Really. One Christmas, we spent a week at Nana and Grandad's, and I put in quite a few hours trying to charm that little dog into becoming my friend. (I think I was eight or nine at the time.) I tried everything: treats, petting, games, cajoling, tears ... nothing worked. It was the first dog in my life that didn't like me, and I was *highly* annoyed.

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