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It is always furry khool to learn about great khanines of the past!



Quite the doggie.....while it is higher math for me....19,000 pennies paying for a statue...how large is the statue? Was that a lot of money for a Bronze? Nickle? Zinc? Copper? Aluminum? Paper Mache statue?


The fact that so many people donated a penny is impressive to me. He sounds like he was a great dog.


Makes me want to go to the Smithsonian!


That gave me goosebumps. What a good friend and companion he had in that dog.


Go Terriers!

Oh, wait, sorry. Still in the wrong mindset...

I love readin' 'bout Presidential dogs and this is a great story--along with the one 'bout Jack, too. Thanks for postin' both of 'em.

Karina A.

Wow, like Harrison said, this is a great story. If I was looking for an excuse to visit the Smithsonian I think I found it. Wondering why 19,000 pennies though? Is that what it'd take to make the statue or does it have a meaning behind the number? I'll keep scratching my head like rosemary...


I always enjoy stories of the White House dogs. Laddie Boy sounds like a very special fellow.


Thanks for sharing that interesting story. Now I'm really curious about the statue of Laddie Boy.


Oh for heaven's sake! READ the article! "19,000 members of the Newsboys Association donated a penny each to be melted down and formed into a sculpture of the dog."
How hard is this to understand?

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He's so cute!!!

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