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We do have magikh powers!


Tom and Icy

Sweet Lips and Sour Breath. Good names.


Great post! Very interesting!

Levi's mom

I always learn so much from your blog. This was especially interesting.

Levi's mom


Never heard that story. Sounds like something I would have seen in a Disney show when I was a kid. When my son bought I Boston terrier, it seems I recall doing a little research on the breed to find out it has early American roots too.


that's a nice story. what a kind man.


george washington just became my favorite president.


You can tell much about a person's character by the way they treat animals and those weaker than themselves. Washington didn't lack any.


Very interesting history lesson :)


Now that did my soul
good, However, I've been watching too much NCIS......You might want to check that date "October 6, 1977"????? No worries...the source got it wrong too! I'd say it happened 200 years prior to 1977!
But I really enjoyed that story and I know why we all love George Washington now!


Thanks, Jimmy,

I copied and pasted without once noticing that they had the wrong date. Oh, well, too late to bother changing it now.


Yeh, but Washington describes in his diary how, when an unauthorized breeding occurred, he had the litter drowned. A little more unacceptable today than carrying the dog on a car roof. By today's standards he might never have become president.

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