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Tom and Icy

Art imitating life, but I caught Icy pooping in the back yard and shaping it with a cookie cutter and she said it was just life imitating art.


House size poop art I can do without... but the tiny reliefs I kind of like. :-)


seems perfectly natural to me..butt sniffing and humping..


Sacramento requires that new buildings and other structures include some sort of public art. But the private developer foots the bill, not the taxpayer. Maybe Berkeley is more flush financially than the rest of our cities.

A statue with dogs parading around the bottom is highly appropriate, given that, when people walk their dogs past the statue, the dogs will be using it as a comfort station!

the three dog blogger

I like it!

Sure makes it more interesting. Needs some of Dogs farting too though!


Perfect for Berkeley.....dogs being dogs doing what dogs do.....


The "dog humping" relief, just symbolizes what the government does to us (the taxpayers)!
I think the "butt sniffing" relief has something to do with Homeland security?


Somehow, I missed the artistic dog turds post you did...I laughed out loud at the image of those huge poops taking on a town.

If I was there and saw these little dogs just being dogs on the statue, they would make me smile as well.

A little bit of home, at least my home!


That "butt sniffing" relief brings back wonderful memories of a teacher I once had.
(Mr. Wayne Simmons....god rest his soul)
He would always come up with something clever to keep the class from getting bored and your "butt sniffing" relief will always = SNIFF to me! I tried to reproduce it best I can on my blog.
Happy Valentines day!


LOL, are we really so puritanical as a society that we're offended by dogs doing it doggie style?

I guess some of us are.

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