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Thanks Jan...can you get him to do the outside too?


Absolutely brillant. The little man is so amazed - he keeps wanting to watch it over and over!


We khan see better already!



cute, cute, cute....although I must say Poodles have cuter tongues.

Tom and Icy

Wow! With my new 3D graphics card, he cleaned my face and glasses, too!


Hey!..I can see clearly now!

Mary Jo

I think I'll let my inside of the computer remain dirty.Happy Valentines to you and all your canines. Mary Jo and Hudson


What a surprise...he's great!


I LOVE this...what a hoot.

Dan W

I may just use that as my screen saver.... totally cool...


That's amazing. Definitely made my morning.


I am sitting here and laughing out loud... so FUNNY!! :-)


annie likes to hang on by the screen on the computer but doesn't pay any attention to it, but she was very intersted in the puppy and kept pawing at the screen...


Oh my gosh he's adorable! Thanks for the free cleaning ;-) My cat was fascinated with it! She kept trying to touch him!


Sweet. I have the addy for a kitty one somewhere :-)


That is the most adorable little puglet!


so cute!


hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahha that is funny i need to se more so i can get the spit marks off lol

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