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I sure have enjoyed catching up on all your wonderful posts Jan!
I can't narrow it down to just one name or breed who had the most influence on my life, because I would feel like I left someone out!
Skippy(Chihuahua), Roxie (German Shepard / Collie mix), Nunya (Pug),Rebok (PitBull/mix), Dozer (English Bulldog),Gucci (Boxer), Edna (Boston Terrier), Emily (Boston Terrier), Abigail ( English Bulldog/ Pug mix)!

I will say that I would prefer to stick with Boston Terriers from here on out, but you never know what the future brings! The right dog and the right situation at the right time could change everything!


Brandy was a crossbred border collie prototype that was one of the smartest dogs I have ever met. After growing up with hounds and fox terriers it was amazing to have a dog that practically talked. I had him fifteen years and after him, nothing but a border collie, the next best dog would do me.


I'm going with Scottie, a mixed breed "collie" that I grew up with. She lived to be 23 years old and was blind for 21 of those years. When she was young she had a form of polio and was completely paralyzed. She spent months getting experimental treatment. Some treatments involved getting shots above her eyes; that's how she lost her eyesight. She was the sweetest dog and never lost her spirit. Finally having to put her down was so hard on my dad.



Well, the breed that made the most impakht on me was a human from Pawsylvania that khame into the York Khounty B&B -

OH WAIT, woo want the human to answer this - I'd have to say Siberian Husky...fur growing up, I always intended to have a buff kholoured khokhker spaniel I would name Chamois but have getting the furst Siberian for the bf, I was hooked...Khyra is #7!



Bill, my best friend. His mom was part chow and part what ever, and his daddy was a white german shephard...He was a liter of one..and he was so fat his belly kept his legs from standing straight. I think he ate all his brothers and sisters...He was born a month to the day after my daddy died..So I was convinced he was my Daddy reincarnated. He went every where with me..If someone called on the phone and when I hung up and said good-bye, you would hear the front door slam and you would find him in the front seat of the jeep, thinking we were going byebye..He hated when I went to work so he knew that when I got the keys out I was leaving..so he took my keys and hide them in his basket with all his toy. I miss him every day. I trained him goofy tricks..lke I would say are you crazy and he'd wag his tail and jump all around, and I'd say well, just show them your nuts..and he would lay down roll over and show you his 'nuts'...He also did an elvis impression ..I'd say sing like elvis and he would curl up one side of his lip and whine...I loved that dog.


Growing up, I had a German Shepherd dog named Zenta. During those crazy teen years, I would come home from school, and immediately go out to walk with my dog through the pastures that surrounded my home. She listened, always, to my teen woes and would bring me home from those walks better able to deal with family, who, on the whole, I did not get along with.

She was my rock, protecting me from wildlife and teen emotions. I have a painting of her...one of my most prized possessions!

the three dog blogger

I hope Mongrels count Jan!

Sam was with me for 16 years. He spent the last few years of his life with us here in Spain. He had the freedom (finally) to run around the place like a loon while he still could. He was a one in a million. Still miss him terribly now.


Many dogs... and they all taught me so much. Sarge was my first.. a big boned Boxer that my dad brought home one day.. I was about 12. Perhaps he had the greatest influence on my life for he turned me on to the joy of having a dog. Because of him I am the dog person I am today. :-)

Duke of Earle

As with other commenters, there have been many. But the one with the MOST influence had to be my first dog and boyhood companion, a "Heinz 57" (medium-sized mixed breed) with a curled-up tail. I named him Jingles (because the tags on his collar jingled when he ran to greet me). We romped together, fished together, explored the woods together, and slept together. He was a true companion. And yes, I cried and cried when he died.


we have that movie coming to us also. did you watch it? was it good?


With me I've got to say it's a German Shepherd but only by sheer volume. I've had one awesome, smart, wonderful chihuahua, but all the rest of my dogs have been awesome, smart, wonderful German Shepherds. Size doesn't matter when it comes to dogs. They're all wonderful in their own way.


Hmm... probably the one that had the most impact was Schultz, my grandmother's standard dachsund. He helped me learn to walk and never complained when I climbed out of my crib and fell on top of him. Still miss that ol guy.


I grew up with a Beagle named Elmer.
Whenever my mom wanted to find us kids,she would tie a note on his collar,and turn him loose.
He'd sniff us out wherever we were,and we'd know it was time to come home for dinner,or whatever.
I loved that dog!


I would have to say it was one of the German Shepherds I grew up with. Her name was Duchess. She loved us all and would "protect" her flock all the time. She developed cancer and I remember when we had to put her down, the entire house was in tears for days after.

I especially remember when we were really small, she would herd us away from the road if she thought we were getting too close to danger.


I would have to say it was Buffy, a beautiful buff colored Cocker Spaniel we had when I was a child. She had a short life and we lost her at 8 months old, but I've had cocker spaniels in my life ever since because I fell so in love with the breed thanks to Buffy. She was the sweetest, gentlest, and most loving dog you'd ever want to meet.

Angie Murphy

I would say my favorite dog is cosmo ,He is a fawn Dobie. He is the best dog that i ever had. He is an indoor dog and he doesnt chew things up ,he is potty trained and doesnt have to sit in a cage all day. He make me get up and walk him everyday and I have lost about 20 lbs in the process.

Dwight Bartholomew

My breed is the Terrier-mix. That's for our most recent dog who is, as we affectionately call her, a Terrier-Hurricane mix. At 9 months old, she was such a handful that I actually had an anxiety attack worrying that we'd made the wrong decision in adopting her. But while recovering from a slight case of food poisoning she slept beside me the whole time and we bonded.

George Roach

Queenie - a Spitz X - the dog that I grew up with, and I needn't say more about her, she was always there for me, as all of the dogs were, but she was my first dog, and led me on a life of discovery with the dogs that came after her.
Mugsy - a X X - one of Queenie's pups that had a bent tail that must have got it stepped on early in life, or it was just bent from birth.
Sam (Samson Magillacutty Roach) a Beagle X - the dog that our marriage started out with and our kids grew up with, who used to have a pet rock (about as big as his head) that he carried around in his mouth.
Sally - a Terrier X - the dog that joined Sam after a year or so, but preceded him in death, and was his constant companion.
Prince Eddie - a Basset Hound - my Mom's dog that lived across the street from us and that escaped and roamed the neighborhood every chance that he got, but always came back home after a few days. Sam saved him one time by chewing his collar off when Prince got the collar wound around a tree and almost choked himself to death.
Fantasia - a Beagle - a dog we accepted from a friend of my youngest daughter, that didn't live her life to a normal finish because of her exuberance for life which met a car at the wrong time. We tried to rename her, but she always was Fantasia.
Max - a Beagle - my youngest daughter's dog that didn't live as long as he should have because of his exuberance for life which met a car at the wrong time, also.
Erma - a Beagle - who was Max's sister, and didn't play quite as rough once Max was gone (no competition any more), but she is still with my youngest daughter.
I don't want to win the movie, I just want to list and honor all the dogs of my life.


Looks like you're getting so many wonderful responses, Jan, that it might be difficult to select just one person to send the DVD to ... well, I received one from the publishers, too, and have been wondering what to do with it. I'd be happy to cooperate on this with you & send my copy to whomever you select. I'll cross-post on my blog: http://internet-pets.blogspot.com/ if you approve.


That's great, Julie. I'm going to select by random drawing, but it will be great to have two to give away.

Carla Gruen

Any of our Great Danes, from:
-TEA (Truely Enormous Animal) who we had to teach how to play but would completely lay over just so a child would approach her,
-to Myles, of the extremely dignified demeanor and savior of Spencer re: the pool incident
-to Merlin the intellegent and curious boy who wanted to know about circular saws and garbage trucks and sat on the stairs so that he could view most of the rooms in the house by using the mirror at the base of stairs
-to Spencer who was the talkiest dog I've ever met, complete range of questions, squeals, yips, & barks - try watching Iron Will with him he'll grip the carpet with his toe nails and look to see if you are tense at the scarey parts - hystrical,
-to my cautious Maggie who past away before she could really live.

Currently, we have an English Mastiff, Bruce Almighty - hopefully he will become a therapy dog; and Milo a pug/beagle mix who is teaching me to laugh at every little thing. God bless all of them!


I'd like to enter! thanks!



Marley :) He was some kind of mutt who seemed to have some lab or retriever in him. I never had to train him. He just seemed to know what I wanted and to do it! He was lovely :) Someone poisoned him though. A neighbor who didn't like dogs... :(


My parents had a Chihuahua-Maltese mix named Annie. She would play "squeaky-toy" endlessly, and hide and seek. She looked like a fuzzy bedroom slipper, and for her three short years, she was the light of my life. She had a stroke while playing, so she went doing what she loved. I miss her more than I can say.


I'd have to say my two little mutt terrier's. Their absolute trust in me has taught me to have faith that the world isn't what it used to be when I was a sexually abused child. They have never flinched from fear because of me - their ability to trust me has taught me to do the same in alot of ways.


I grew up with a Boston terrier from the time I was 9 until I was 21, but I have to say the dog that had the most influence on me and is my heart dog was, Murphy, a black Labrador retriever, that we had when my kids were growing up. She lived to be the grand old age of 14. She was a special girl, so obedient and good with the children as most labs are. We'd always go to the creek in the summer and Murphy would go with us, and she had the best time playing in the water while we were swimming. We'd say "creek" and off she'd run to the car. It was hard watching her in her last days when she could barely get around. I really miss her. Now we have two Cardigan Welsh corgis and a Boston terror, I mean terrier. But if I ever get the chance, I would own another black Lab in a heart beat.

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