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I personally knew a guy who had four poodles that he dyed and "creatively" groomed for holidays. He had no children and those dogs were his babies. Like the woman in your blog entry, they went with him everywhere---if they weren't welcome, he just didn't go there. If anyone had said to me that it was cruel to groom them that way, I would have laughed in their face. Most humans aren't treated as well as this guy babied and treated his dogs. And those dogs loved their grooming days and him.

I've had three poodles in my life and none had fancy poodle haircuts. The only thing I ever did outlandish was one bored afternoon I put cornrows in Jason's ears. I thought they were cute and practical but my husband pitched a fit so the 'style' was short lived.

With all stuff that goes on in the world that kills dogs or destroys their trust in humans why pick on people who maybe---just maybe---pamper their dogs a little bit too much. Too much love and attention never killed a dog.



I am sure you love dogs and are very talented. but, the back of the dog...not for me. thanks. betty.


I saw photos of this contest and i have to admit the doggies were very cleverly poofed and colored. Heck, violet gets excited when she gets a new collar...excuse me, necklace...so i can understand why the dog would get excited.


I have not seen this before..how cool and very artistic!


That looks pretty cool to me!
With the materials she uses,and the precautions she takes,I see nothing wrong with it.

Nigel, Sola & Co

That is a trip. Not sure if I'm a fan, but I have never seen anything like it!


I'd like to see them do that to a pitty bull dog..

Saint Lover

I think its cool... but wouldnt do it to my own.


Ok, I put my torch away. I like that she had the dog's blood testing to ensure everything is safe.


Some people...the ones with pitchforks that is...don't seem to understand dogs or having fun.
Dogs love to please.
Dogs love to be cool.
(And don't tell me they don't know what cool is either.) We used to have a crossbred, sort of a prototype border collie, that loved to wear clothes. He got incredibly excited when he saw his little red sweatshirt come out and he strutted like the king of May. What a grin he had! Too bad people are afraid of a little fun.


i would never do that to my poodles. i doubt if they would care though. dogs just don't care about that kind of stuff.

Hudson and Mary Jo

I have now seen it all. Unbelievable creative is an understatement. I just wish I had that much creativity and time. Hudson and Mary Jo


I do realize that this is taking dog grooming to the extreme.. but I do hold a certain amount of admiration for their skill. My attempts at dog grooming leave much to be desired. :-)


That's cool! Seriously, as long as the dog enjoys it and isn't physically harmed, why do people get so alarmed?

And I have a purple Happy New Year crown - or a pink hat with rhinestone tiara - that would look great with that peacock 'do!


Lynn Sinclair

Despite her claims that it isn't harmful, I'm still not a fan. Animals shouldn't be used as an artist's canvas. And, really, there are so many other ways to give one's dog attention.


Oh my goodness, that's quite a "do" that poodle is sporting.


Laughing. You have to live a poodle and know a poodle's sense of humor to get this stuff. Of course they don't care about being gussied up as an extension of human vanity. But they love the feeling of people having fun all around them and they love to be the center of attention. I always thought the whole poodle haircut was such a nasty vanity -- and I still hate the tense, hyper-conformist, humorless world of show poodles and those dumb, uptight cookie-cutter topiaries. But it wasn't until my own wonderful (smart, athletic, loving, non-commodified) girl moved in that I understood why people do this. Poodle hair is fascinating, it's wild and gorgeous and fun, and no matter what you have to fool with it all the time. It doesn't just sit there like most dog's. It requires management. You can always just treat it like the enemy and utility clip it, they look and feel great that way, too, but it's not morally superior! Why not have fun? I have three daughters (feminists all, and nobody's commodity) and we always loved to do each other's hair. We often got silly, it was a party, not an exploitation. The coolest thing about our brilliant breed is that they can swim and hunt and do agility one day and enjoy letting you do weird and wondrous things with their hair the next day. The magic of dogs is that somewhere in the dim mists of history they made a pact with humans to cross the great divide - we wanted to make friends with raw nature and raw nature wanted to make friends with us. The world got bigger both ways. I agree that it's not a thing to exploit cruelly, and that it most horribly has been. But not here. It's all part of the reciprocal, rich friendship. Lighten up and hang out with your dog in everything you both like to do, people.


Extreme grooming contests for Poodles. Now I've heard everything.

Kelli and Fiddy

Thank you Jan for your article about this because my main concern was what they used to dye them with and now that I know its juices and edibles I kinda like the artistic ability I was just concerned over the dye thing. I lost a dog to cancer so it bothered me a little more. But grapoe juice works lol. Bet they smell good too lol.

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