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What a good dog!!!

Saint Lover

Good Dog! One of my single female friends just came home a couple of nights ago to a man intruder in her bedroom. She screamed and her two absolutely fun loving and docile dogs launched themselves at the man. He went screaming like a little girl with the dogs in toe. He was bitten for sure at least twice. Its highly unlikely he'll be back anytime soon!


nate the biggest pitty bull ever 110 lbs..was also a big baby, but once a drunk got in the yard and i opened the door and nate herded him like a sheep to the fence..he and his mate mimi..one would bump him and the other would bump him and they just herded him to the fence and out the gate..he of course wet his pants..but nate and mimi were jus so cool about it...he was drunk and harmless and they knew it..the apt. people should let them keep the dog.


This is exactly why I now try to always leave at least one Dog in the house whenever I go out.

Even if they just bark if someones comes to the house it is a great deterrent for intruders.


Nope I never get tired of hero dog stories, no matter what kind of dog. Thanks for posting.


Nice how Baby's loyalty to his family is returned (not!). And another pit bull hits the shelter...it's too sad how many darned good dogs wind up there because of the stupid weight & size limits at apartment buildings.

Nigel, Sola & Co

The fact that they are giving up the dog is a sad commentary. They owe that dog huge.

Hudson and Mary Jo

We love to see positive stories about a Pitbull as they often get too much unwarranted negative attention. Kudos to you for sharing a positive story about this loving breed who so many people enjoy. Mary Jo and Hudson


I never tire of Pit Bull (or any dog) hero stories... but feel sad about Baby's fate. I hope she finds a new forever home.. not always easy for a pit bull.


I'm definitely forwarding this post to my sister & brother in law. They adopted a pit mix pup who is a sweetheart (I know because we've taken care of her on numerous occasions), but yet, when we walk her in the neighborhood with our German Shepherd, we've had people recoil from her just because they think she's a pitbull.

I can't stress it enough... it's not the fault of the dogs, it's the fault of the people who abused them.

I'm glad to see one story showing how heroic the breed can be. Thanks.


Who gets tired of hearing 'positive press' on our bullies? The more, the better! I'm not sure I understand the first line of the post.

Lynn Sinclair

I will never tire of hero dog stories -- keep 'em coming.


do what you can to keep this dog,,i know its hard,i went to a camp site with my dog till i found a place,,,living in camp ground sucked but i was able to keep my dog,,,,


I have a pit bull puppy, and i have heard so much story's about a bull. I don't know what to believe. I'm a little bit afraid because my baby is 6months and my girl 3years. What cant i do to make sure that my pup is not gonna attack one of my children. If any one can give my clue's that can help me, please share it with me. I don't want to give my puppy away, just want to make sure me and my children will give him a lot of love and attention. Will that help. I always say that every dog is dangerous, it just depends on the dog's personality.

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